April Fools’ Day is a day in which people play pranks and try to fool one another. It is a day where believing what someone says the first time does not happen and it usually does not happen on the second time as well. For Jonavin Webb, this April Fool’s Day will be one to remember forever, and not because he was pranked.

Jonavin Webb got a call from his manager’s wife to come down to their house because he was hurt and needed to go the hospital. What Webb did not know was that this may have been a prank and a way to get him over to their house, but there was a lot more to follow.

“It was April Fools’ and my manager’s wife called me. She said that he was hurt and needed to go to the hospital so she asked if I could come down to the house to help. So I went, and when I got there, there was a camera out and in my face. I asked what was going on and they said I was not fighting on May 9th at the Borgata. I thought my opponent got hurt, but they said no, that I was fighting in Australia instead. I started putting two and two together and was like, man that is the UFC. I totally thought it was a joke at first, but was excited when I found out it was not.”

Webb’s manager, Robert Haydak, may have played a fun little joke on him to let him know he got the call to the UFC, but one thing that is not a joke would be Webb himself inside the octagon. Webb is currently 8-0 in his career and got the call to the UFC for a good reason. I asked Webb to describe himself to the UFC fans who might not be familiar with the newest UFC fighter.

“I like to finish fights,” said Webb. “I hate decisions. Nothing against the judges, but a lot of them make some questionable calls. I literally have a fear of judges, so I do anything I can to get out of the cage before the rounds are over. Submissions are my game, but if I can TKO somebody or whatever it does not matter. I do not lay and prey, I try to finish fights.”

Webb means what he says, as six of his eight victories have been finishes, showing he has a lot of potential to make a run in the UFC. Before getting the call to the UFC, Webb was one of the best Cage Fury Fighting Championships fighters, and one of the better prospects in the sport.

In the CFFC, Webb was dominant and got a chance to fight for the welterweight championship against Daniel Stittgen. Webb talked about the title fight and what it was like to win the CFFC welterweight title.

“It was an honor to fight for the title. Dan is a UFC vet and a very tough guy. I went out and had one of the best fights I have ever had,” said Webb. “It was a great feeling to know I can hang with the higher ranked guys and win the CFFC title.”

CFFC is easily becoming one of the top promotions in the MMA world to put their fighters in the UFC and Webb is just another example of the job the CFFC has done preparing fighters for the UFC. Webb had very good words when talking about his former origination, CFFC.

“I started my professional career with them and they helped build me up. I think Cage Fury is the best organization outside of the UFC if you want to get to the UFC. They really build you up and they give you that professional feel. Everything is just so professional and the way they run it is amazing,” Webb said. “I am so happy to have fought for them and I think it is going to show that I wont really have those UFC jitters because I fought for such a professional organization like the CFFC.”

CFFC has had some very notable fighters in the UFC, but maybe the most recent and notable would be Paul Felder. Felder is still holding strong with what looks like the knockout of the year, with his spinning back fist knockout over Danny Castillo, but what makes this story even better; Felder and Webb are training partners. To make that story even better, not only are they training partners, they are also best friends. Webb talked about Paul Felder as a friend and a training partner.

“It is awesome training with Paul,” said Webb. “He is not just my teammate, but he is my best friend. We push each other and Paul is just a beast. He trains 100% all the time. You are never going to get a light round with Paul. He has definitely been a big help to me. He has helped me push myself and get me farther than what I ever thought I could.”

Webb and Felder train together at Renzo Grazie Philly, but both fighters have also been making a trip out to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to train with another big name in the UFC, Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone. Webb talked about his time training at the BMF Ranch with Cerrone and also touched on an insane story that involves Cowboy and scuba diving.

“Training with Cowboy helps a lot,” said Webb. “People always see the pictures of us having fun and doing crazy things, but they do not see that there is a gym twenty feet away from the house, which we are busting our asses in. Cowboy showed me how to loosen up and not just live my life just being all training and MMA. Also, Cowboy saved my life out there. We went scuba diving, and of course in the extreme way that Cowboy is all the time, we did not go into a pool or anything; we went right into like eight-one feet of water. I was fine at first, but then I freaked out and hit the bottom. Cowboy had to come down and drop my weights to save me. He is just a crazy extreme dude, and with him, you are always going for a thrill.”

All the fun and games and near death experiences aside, one of the people Webb trains with at the BMF Ranch just so happens to be the person he will be stepping into the cage against for his UFC debut, Kyle Noke. Webb talked about what it is like to fight one of his training partners, Kyle Noke.

“I have to fight one of my friends, which sucks, but it is what it is,” said Webb. “It is business and I am excited for this opportunity. I knew that Kyle’s opponent got hurt and when my manager said Australia, I said shit, I got to fight Kyle. Again though, it is just business. Kyle is a great fighter and a veteran. He is a great training partner. It is going to be a very tough fight. I am going against a veteran. I am going against him in his home country. It is my debut. There is a lot stacked against me, but I am ready to go out and have fun. ”

If you want to watch Webb have fun in his UFC debut, then you need to get UFC Fight Pass because he is fighting at UFC Fight Night Miocic vs. Hunt, which is only a UFC Fight Pass card. Webb talked about why fans should get UFC Fight Pass to watch him in his debut against Kyle Noke on May 9, 2015.

“Definitely get fight pass,” Webb said. “There are some really good fights on that card. Not only do you get to watch my debut, but you can also watch fights all the time, like old fights that are on there too. I am going to set my Fight Pass up now too.”

Many, including myself, are excited to see Jonavin Webb in his UFC debut against Kyle Noke. Webb is a very humble fighter and has a great support system behind him. He definitely has a great formula for success to win in the UFC and time will tell if Webb can continue his MMA dominance in the greatest fighting organization in the world, the UFC.

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