Chase Gormley is currently the Titan FC heavyweight champion. The path he took to get there was a unique one and one that let him grow as a fighter.

Before winning the Titan FC title in his last fight, Gormley started his career 6-0, which got him a call to the UFC. He got the call because many saw that he had potential to make an impact in the heavyweight division.

However, the UFC did not go the way many expected. He lost two fights in a row and was cut from the organization. Gormley talked about his time in the UFC and explained some reasoning behind his struggles there.

“Having a kid right when I went into the UFC made a big difference in my performance. You lose focus on training and you start focusing on your family. This is a very selfish sport so you really have to give it everything you got. I think it really showed in my performance against (Stefan) Struve and (Brendan) Schaub. That, and the high level of competition, it really took a toll on my mind.”

After his release from the UFC, Gormley would go on to lose two of his next five fights, with one of them was a no contest. A man that started 6-0 and was talked about as a promising prospect lost four of his next seven fights. This is something that would discourage anyone and Gormley made the decision to step down from the sport of MMA. He talked about that decision.

“I was losing fights and my wife told me that it was not working. She said I have to either win fights or get a job. I kind of lost the love for the sport so I went and got a job. I was working eighteen-hour days and it was miserable. I did that for two years.”

Gormley did not like working eighteen hours a day and he then asked his wife if he could get back to fighting as a profession.

“I asked my wife, ‘can I please go back to fighting?’ I told her I will take it serious and I wont lose any fights. She said yeah, but told me if I lose any fights, then that is it. This time around there is a lot of pressure because she supports me, but she told me I need to take it seriously and do everything the right way.”

Some might ask why Gormley decided to come back to MMA, but he had a story that made all those questions go away. Right before he quit his job, where he was working eighteen hours a day, Roy Nelson asked him to come out for a training camp and the rest is history.

“Nelson asked me to come help him for a training camp. I had a week off of work and I said yeah because I had nothing else to do. I went down to help him train and was doing okay with him. I kind of got the love back from doing that. I was out for two years and I still felt pretty good so it lit a fire under my butt.”

Gormley told his wife he would take the sport more seriously and that is just what he did. Since his return to MMA, Gormley is 5-0, winning two by TKO.

“I just kind of went fight by fight. After I got cut by the UFC, I got discouraged and I thought my career was done. It is exciting to get back in it and start winning again. It is exciting to start seeing the potential I have as a fighter. I can only go forward from here and I am looking forward to seeing where I end up.”

Not many people take losing or getting cut well, but Gormley has handled his tough times in MMA better than most. He retired because he was losing and was cut by the UFC, but getting cut may have been a blessing in disguise. Sometimes when you face adversity it allows you to look at things from a different point of view and that is exactly what Gormley did.

“When I got cut from the UFC I was discouraged. I was undefeated and thought I was invincible. Losing then let me reflect on the holes of my game and show me I let the pressure get to me. I got to see why I was losing fights, but this time around I have my mind right. Now I know where I need to go and what I need to do. This time around I am not making excuses. I am getting things done and doing it the right way. I am making sure I outwork everybody that gets in that ring with me.”

His 5-0 record since returning to the cage would confirm that Gormley is getting things done and doing it the right way. His last fight was the biggest since his return to MMA; a Titan FC title fight against Jon Madsen. This fight was an opportunity of a lifetime, and Gormley made the most of it, winning by unanimous decision.

“I did a lot of sparring and a lot of running for that fight. I think it showed, but I also did not work a lot of mits, and that showed as well. I am really disappointed in the way I performed. I think I could have finished him and I think I gave him too much respect. He is a tough guy and it was a tough fight. If he would have got that last takedown he may have won the fight. It was not an easy fight by any means.”

What is the next for Gormley? Making it back to the UFC, according to him.

“It would mean a lot to make it back to the UFC. That is where the best fighters are and that is who I want to compete with. Personally, I do not think I am ready right now. I need around three or four fights. I have a couple holes to patch up in my game, but I think within six months to a year, I could go toe-to-toe with those guys.”

Gormley is on his way back to the UFC and his first big step was winning the Titan FC heavyweight title, but believes if he can win a couple more fights and show that he is doing the right things to climb back up the ladder, then he will be back in the UFC.

“I think my adversities helped me because I do not fear losing anymore. I now understand it is a possibility. With heavyweights, one punch can knock you out. You have to accept that and all you can really worry about is what you do. I go in there now and I am not afraid. I used to be terrified to fight, but now I am back there before the fight having a good time. I am ready to go now and I am getting things done.”

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    THis was as helluva fight..Not often does the Cutman get to take pride in helping win a belt..But this one, for sure the doc was gonna stop it.I Said its 20 minutes It n you really want to stop it? Give me one shot, and 48 sec later no blood.One more round, and Chase pulled it out to win the belt!!! 1..#Blessed #Cutman #TitanFC Champ…