Driven competitors are born with a desire to great. Mixed Martial Arts fighters are on mission, intent on dominating their sport. Even after his shortcomings on TUF Season 19 (8-1), Adam Stroup’s rise continues in the Colorado MMA fight scene.

Stroup has been documented for his passion in perfecting his craft and making a living off doing it. With his current fight occupation as his sole source of income, every fight is critical for Stroup in moving up the ladder. With so much riding on it, winning is a must every time.

“The sport of fighting is all about winning because if you don’t win, you get paid half the money and you don’t move up the ladder,” Stroup told The MMA Corner. “So it’s very enjoyable when you win. However, when you lose, it can be very heartbreaking and devastating to your career. That is why I train very hard — so I can win to make my time in this sport enjoyable.”

Any time a fighter is able to capture a championship, he sets himself apart from the rest of his peers. With the capture of the SCL Championship belt, Stroup cemented another prominent moment in becoming the top figure in his weight class. The downside of being a champion? Everyone is after your belt.

Always looking to test himself against the toughest opponents, Stroup isn’t intimidated by any threat as he welcomes all challenges.One contender looking to snatch the title from the champion is TUF veteran Frank Lester, who will be going head to head against Stroup on April 25 at SCL- Army vs. Marines.

“I’m very excited for this fight against Frank. This match is just another step for me in the right direction to hopefully getting on the big shows and with a win over Frank, it can do just that.”

While the title fight is much anticipated, this event is also a special occasion any spectator would like to be a part of. The Sparta Combat League (SCL) federation hosts the Army vs Marine event once a year, which pays homage to all of the armed forces some of whom will also be competing on the fight card.

Stroup has a lot of motivation going into this fight. In addition to retaining his title, Adam will also be fighting in honor of his grandfather, who served this country as a World War 2 Veteran.

“My grandfather will be turning 98 this year. My whole entire life he has been inspiring to me, because aside from him being a WW2 veteran, I’ve seen him have multiple heart attacks and he keeps fighting. Even now with him getting up in age, hardly able to get up out the chair, he is pushing hard so he can be able to attend my fight on April 25. That alone gives me enough motivation to fight to the bitter ends to come away with the victory.”

Keeping his status as champion and fighting in honor for his grandfather, this spells out the making of another victory for Adam Stroup. With such a bright future ahead he remains humble, focused on the present and task at hand at SCL 6, which looks to be another redefining moment living his life through MMA.

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