One of the better prospects in MMA and a name you should start to learn more about is Andre Harrison.

Currently at 9-0, the featherweight, training at Bellmore Kickboxing, has showed that he is the real deal inside the octagon. Harrison has not lost a fight in his career and I asked him to talk about his career so far.

“As an outsider looking in, I would think it is successful,” said Harrison. “As an amateur, I am 6-0 and as a professional, I am 9-0, so I mean people base success off of wins and losses. Knock on wood; I have yet to see what a loss feels like. On the inside, I am in the gym. My job is to find out what my weakness are and build off of them. I also need to find out what my strengths are and strengthen them. I know what I need to do to become a better fighter and I am doing those things.”

Harrison may be 9-0, but MMA has not been a walk in the park for him. He has had to overcome some adversity with injuries and he talked about his tough times in the sport that ended up making him better.

“Prior to me winning tearing my bicep, I had just won the Ring of Combat title,” said Harrison when talking about his adversity in MMA. “After winning and the way that I won, I kind of felt like I am a lot better than I actually was. I did not take into consideration that we may take training and eating for granted, meaning us fighters, which we do have to be a special kind of person. It is not an easy task or job. So, when I was not able to have these things because of my injury and wasn’t able to train or do anything, it made me fall back in love with the sport. It made me rethink why I am lucky and fortunate to do this sport. It made me understand that I am privileged to do what I am doing and I need to take it more serious.”

I asked Harrison how he would explain himself to the fans that are not yet familiar with the undefeated prospect and he had this to say.

“I am somebody that brings the fight,” said Harrison. “I go forward and throw. I go for takedowns. I am going in there to win. Whatever I need to do to get the ‘W’ is what I am going to do. If you are a fan that is looking to bet money on somebody that is going to job done, that is me right there, I am going to get the job done.”

Harrison is a man of his word, as he is undefeated in the octagon, and really does get the job done. His first seven fights of his career were for Ring of Combat, which he won the featherweight belt. He then decided to make a switch and signed with Titan FC.

“Nothing against Ring of Combat, but Titan is on TV,” said Harrison. “They are televised and previously I was only shown to an audience who knew about Ring of Combat and would watch it on the website. Now that I have to opportunity to fight on TV, any person that is flipping through channels can watch me. Anyone with cable has the opportunity to watch me. Anyone from MMA fans to a father who is flipping through channel, they all have access to me. It broadens my fan base and gives me bigger and better opportunities.”

Titan FC is one of the best organizations in the MMA game and Harrison echoed that when he talked about his time so far with Titan.

“Everything has been good,” said Harrison. “I like it and they keep me active. I was nervous about that because Ring of Combat puts on a lot of shows, so it was easy to pick up fights. Titan does not put on so many shows, so you have to be okay with that, but so far so good.”

Harrison beat Aaron Neveu in his Titan FC debut by unanimous decision. He then won his next fight at Titan Fighting Championship 33 over Cody Bollinger by unanimous decision. Harrison talked about his victory over Bollinger and what it could lead to.

“Well you know, Cody is a tough dude,” said Harrison. “It definitely was a great win for me. As far as the actual fight, I personally thought I could have done better. I could have possibly worked to a finish, but no excuses, I did not get the finish. Certain things that could have happened that did not. Beating him was something that I needed and hopefully now I can fight Kurt Holobaugh for the title.”

Kurt Holobaugh won the featherweight title over Desmond Green at Titan Fight Championship 33 by split decision. Holobaugh is an Ultimate Fighting Championship veteran and has a career record of 14-2. Harrison believes that he and Holobaugh would be a great fight and a fight the fans would enjoy.

“I personally think that it would be an amazing fight,” said Harrison as he talked about his dream matchup against Holobaugh. “Kurt seems like a good dude. He seems like a person that brings the fight; you know what I am saying? I would say I am similar in my approach to the fight. I think he has good striking, but I have good striking. I have goo wrestling and he has good grappling. You know, it would definitely be a fun fight for the fans, so I do not see why Titan would not set it up.”

At 9-0 in his career, and 2-0 in Titan FC, Harrison has definitely showed that he deserves a big fight. Time will tell if he gets Holobaugh, but until then, Harrison will keep working hard and climbing the ladder to the top.

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Jeremy Klump
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