Many MMA fans remember the name Anthony Gutierrez for the wrong reasons. Currently at 6-1 in his career, Gutierrez has been one of the better prospects in the sport. Fans should know him because of his skills inside the cage, but instead, many know Gutierrez from TUF 18, where he failed to make weight and was asked to leave the show. Gutierrez got a lot of backlash for missing weight and he talked about the unfortunate situation, which led to him leaving the show.

“What is so fascinating is that people do not know the show is filmed in six weeks,” Gutierrez said. “So you are there for six weeks, if you make it to the semis, then that would be your third time making weight in five weeks. I was going on my third weight cut in five weeks. I was going from 153 to 135. I made it once, back up to 153, made it twice. I went back up to 153 and then could not make it back to 135. Every UFC card people are missing weight, which is like nine weeks to prepare. Then you should get backlash, not from three weight cuts in five weeks though. People really did not understand it and did not know what they were talking about. It taught me a lot of lessons, but I have been over it for a long time. It was defiantly one of the lowest moments of my life though.”

It may have been a low point in Gutierrez’s life, but his MMA record speaks for itself. Gutierrez talked about his professional career so far and how he felt about it.

“Everyone of my pro fights has been dominant, including the loss,” Gutierrez said. “In the fight with Watson, I dominated every second of the fight until the one second that I lost. I am really happy with my career even though it stings to be at 6-1. I should be 7-0.”

The one loss to Walel Watson was a fight in which Gutierrez absolutely dominated the fight and looked like he was going to end Watson a couple of times, but Watson caught him with an up kick and locked in a triangle. Gutierrez bounced back in his next fight against Austin Lyons with an amazing head kick knockout to secure his sixth win of his career. Gutierrez talked about bouncing back from the Watson loss and how it felt to get a head kick knockout against Lyons.

“It felt good,” Gutierrez said. “I guess at the pro level it is all about beating guys with a good resume that has had some good quality wins, it is always a plus for you. For me, since my past on TUF and Watson loss, it got my momentum back. It was a great feeling for me and a high point in my career.”

Gutierrez beat Lyons at Titan Fighting Championship 33 and has fought all of his professional fights for Titan FC. He talked about his time with Titan FC and why he has stayed with them.

“I did a lot of my amateur fights on the Titan undercards,” Gutierrez said. “So I fought tons of fights for Titan as an amateur and when it was time to go pro, it just made sense. I was so comfortable fighting for Titan and then especially for my pro debut. It was a live televised fight and you can’t really ask more than to fight on live TV for your pro debut. Titan was the best bet and they kept offering me fights so I stuck with them. I love Titan and there is no reason to leave them.”

Gutierrez has fought all of his professional fights for Titan FC and after his last win against Lyons and his dominant loss to Watson, Gutierrez would like to fight for the bantamweight title against Brett Johns. He talked about wanting to fight Johns and why he deserves the title shot.

“I want to fight Brett Johns for the bantamweight title,”Gutierrez said. “There has been a lot of stuff on twitter, but any person who talks about it makes it better for me. I mean you could definitely find variables on why I should not get it. Here is why I should get it: In the Titan organization, I am 6-1. The guy Brett Johns just beat for the belt in Walel Watson, I beat worse than him, I just got caught. If you look at the thrashing I put on Watson and the thrashing Johns put on Watson, I thrashed him way worse. Obviously it did not work out with the loss, so people could say well you lost so shut up. Yeah I did, but I can say my piece because I did thrash him worse than Johns. I am 6-1 in Titan, what other 135’s have had more than one win? I am 6-1 with highlight reel knockouts. Sirwan Kakai said he should be the next in line, but he is 1-0 and had the shittest performance ever. Also, everyone naps during his fights. I think it just makes sense for me to get the title.”

I asked Gutierrez how it would feel to beat Brett Johns to win the Titan FC bantamweight belt since he has fought his entire professional career for Titan.

“It would be great,” said Gutierrez. “Me being involved in the sport, I never really set a timeline. The journey has been so weird and long. I have never really had many expectations so it has been this roller coaster of emotions. If I could win the Titan world title, it would be a really good accomplishment.” “Really though, I want to beat Brett Johns more than I want the world title. It is time for me to beat a guy who is 11-0 and a guy that is Europe’s #1 prospect,” said Gutierrez in a sarcastic voice.

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