Gesias “JZ” Cavalcante may best be remembered for his amazing run in K-1, going 7-0 and winning two finals for them. It was one of the better moments of his career and he talked about it

“It was a good moment for me, you know,” said Cavalcante when talking about his time with K1. “Everything happens for a reason. By the time I was supposed to fight in Pride, I got a call from K1, and I signed with them. After I got my first belt, Pride was gone. It was a great opportunity for me and I made the best of the opportunity.”

Other than his amazing K1 career, JZ has had a very successful career outside of K1 as well, with a career record of 19-8. Cavalcante talked about his successful MMA career and some of the rewards brought to him.

“Almost 12 years fighting professionally and I have had a great run in Japan,” said Cavalcante. “Being a two-time world champion has been great, but I am still young. I am 31 years old and I am looking for another moment in my career. So far it has been great though, you know, that is one thing I have always said. I have made a bunch of friends all over the world and that is one of the most rewarding things for my career.”

A new chapter of Cavalcante’s career has opened as he signed with one of the best organizations in the MMA world, Titan FC. JZ talked about his decision to sign with Titan FC.

“Fighting Titan, I am trying to get to the top again,” said Cavalcante. “I am working hard to get on the top again. I was signed with WSOF, but was I not fighting consistently enough with them. I chose to leave and take an opportunity somewhere else. I spoke to my manager and said I wanted to fight and get better. I knew the guys from Titan and he said they have shows every other month. This is what I need in my career. I hope that everything with Titan will go smoothly.”

Cavalcante talked about wanting to stay active and fight so I asked him what his plans where after signing for Titan FC.

“Right now I do not have a date and opponent,” said Cavalcante when talking about his plans with Titan FC. “Whoever they get is going to be good. Like I said, I just want to fight consistently. The champion they have now in Pat Healy is good, you know, so there is a couple good names there that I can have some fun inside the cage with.”

I asked Cavalcante to explain to Titan FC fans that are not yet familiar with the newly signed fighter and he had this to say.

“I am going to bring the pain,” said Cavalcante as he laughed explain himself to the Titan FC fans. “I come to fight and I want to fight. I come forward and I am always aggressive. I have pretty good technique all around.”

Cavalcante ended the interview by thanking his team and teammates.

“I’d like to thank my team the Blackzilians and my teammates,” said Cavalcante. “You know, they always help me and support me. I am excited to get back and fight soon man.”

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