Well the “Fight of the Century” has come and gone. Whether you thought it lived up to the hype or was downright disappointing, there’s no denying it made the entire sporting world stand still and take notice. With Floyd Mayweather walking away with his perfect record still in tact, the boxing world was left in awe of his masterful performance against Manny Pacquiao. It was the last great opponent for the man known as “Money,” making it seem inevitable he will ride off into the sunset with that “and 0″ still in tact.

But where does Pacquiao go after this? The Filipino icon has made it known he wants to continue leading the pugilist lifestyle, but with so much hype surrounding this event it’s hard to envision anything else being within the same stratosphere for him in terms of competition.

1. Juan Manuel Marquez

A fifth bout between longtime rivals, Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez, has been discussed ever since the Mexican superstar turned off his longtime rival’s light out with a devastating overhand right in their fourth bout back in December, 2012. With the image of an unconscious Pacman laying face down in the corner burned fresh in our minds, it’s no secret Pacquiao wants to right the ship and get revenge in the most devastating way possible.

While it seems Marquez has remained firm in regards to his “I’m Done with Pacquiao” stance, the face of the matter is this fight is still very marketable for the legions of Mexican and Filipino boxing fans of the world.

It may be a long shot, but a win over his rival could get the flames of competition lit inside Pacquiaio once again. It also stands as the most lucrative bout available for Marquez.

2. Terrence Crawford

With three dominant wins last year, the Boxing Writers Association of America’s 2014 Fighter of the Year has skyrocket to the cusp of superstardom. With the type of skills that could one day claim a top spot in boxing’s pound-f0r-pound ranking, once Pacquiao and Mayweather retire, it makes perfect sense for Top Rank CEO Bob Arum to matchup up his biggest star with the one of the brightest future.  Essentially a “passing of the torch” moment, much like he did with Mayweather and Oscar De La Hoya.

Problem is, this fight seems destined for the far distant future, which will give Arum time to increase Crawford’s marketability. The most logical choice of time for this bout would be Pacquiao’s final bout before retirement, possibly in his hometown of Manila. A win over Pacquiao would surely propel Crawford into the superstardom, but a win over the most famous filipino in the world in front of his hometown crowd would catapult the man known as “Bud” into the upper stratosphere.

3. Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Even if you thought Mayweather’s victory over Pacquiao was a major letdown in terms of action, it’s hard not to appreciate how masterful “Money” implemented his strategy of shutting down his opponent’s blitzing attack with a his defense. Simply put, it was a work of art.

But it can’t be a major boxing event without a little controversy.

Following the bout, Pacquiao revelaed he had suffered a shoulder injury in training camp, which significantly limited his ability to push the pace. Whether you firmly believe Pacquiao was fighting with one hand or just chalk this up to sour grapes, the fact is there is still some doubt out there.

But given how their most recent matchup went, it’s hard to see how much different the rematch would go.

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