Episode two of The Ultimate Fighter: American Top Team vs. Blackzilians did not end with a happy Dana White. He said, “Well that fight sucked,” when referring to the second fight of the season.

That fight was Blackzilians Luiz Firmino vs. American Top Team’s Uros Jurisic. Firmino defeated Jurisic in what many thought was a boring fight by unanimous decision.

That put the Blackzilians up 2-0, or 50-0, in the competition, and put the pressure on American Top Team to get their first win of the season in episode three.

The episode starts out with the Blackzilians still celebrating their second victory in a row. The American Top Team coaches give their fighters a pep talk and explained that the show has a lot of fights left and they can come back from the losses. They explain you can lose the first eight fights, but still win the $200,000.

Then the episode took an interesting turn and #WineGate started… Someone took BBMonstro’s red wine and he was not happy. He walked around the house asking who stole his wine.

Graves was the one who stole the Blackzilians wine and the drama was over.

ATT then started to talk about whom they wanted to fight. They all gave suggestions and they decide to go with Steve Carl. They believe the veteran will finally get them on track and get them their first win of the show. Carl is 21-4 in his career and is a very good veteran of the sport.

The Blackzilians start contemplating whom they are going to send out to try and start the show 3-0. They decide to go with Valdir “BBMonstro” Araujo. BBMonstro is 14-5 in his career and is looking to show that he is UFC worthy in his fight. He is a black belt in judo and BJJ.

The ATT team talks about #WineGate and how Graves needs to stop drinking after he was the one who stole the wine.

Carl then talks about his weight cut for this fight and seems like he is worried about making weight.

The fighters are announced and Dana White said, “I love this fight!” He says it should be an exciting fight and the stage is set.

Steve Carl vs. Valdir “BBMonstro” Araujo.

BBMonstro weighs in at 170

Carl steps on the scale and weighs in at 171 ¾ and does not make weight.

Carl has one hour to make weight, but the biggest problem was that ATT’s locker room does not have a sauna; the Blackzilians does.

The Blackzilians were not happy that Carl was in their sauna and since they have home-gym advantage, the Blackzilians tried to kick him out of it. They did not want ATT in their locker room and explained that it was a competition.

This episode has been a lot more of a reality TV show than a fighting show halfway through with #WineGate and now what looks to be #SaunaGate.

#SaunaGate came to an end with the Blackzilians pretty much kicking ATT out of the gym and Carl stepped back on the scale and weighed in at 170.

The fight was on after the drama and Carl was looking to get ATT their first win, with BBMonstro looking to give Blackzilians a commanding 3-0 lead.

Steve Carl vs. Valdir Araujo
Round 1:

The round started out with both fighters landing some pretty good shots, but Araujo landed a big knee. BBMonstro was using his kicks well and landed a couple nice ones. Carl started to land some good shots, which made Araujo shoot for a takedown. BBMonstro took him down, but Carl got right back up. Carl had Araujo up against the cage for almost a minute and the fight began to slow down. Carl then started working for a takedown with about a minute left in the fight, but was unable to secure it. The referee did not split them up, and it led to a good scramble with Araujo landing some good shots. It was a hard round to score.

Round 2:

The energy was strong at the start of the round and Araujo landed a hard kick to start. He then followed that up with a good right. Araujo was landing his leg kicks effectively. Araujo landed a strong leg kick that seemed to hurt Carl, but Carl tied Araujo up and got him against the cage. Carl went for the takedown, but could not get it and then Araujo reversed the position to have Carl against the cage. Araujo went for a trip and was unsuccessful and then Carl reversed him and got him against the cage once again. Carl kept trying for the takedown and failed three times. Araujo then got him in a guillotine and forced Carl to tap. It was a very impressive performance by Araujo.

Valdir Araujo def. Steve Carl by submission (guillotine choke) round 2

The Blackzilians now are up 3-0 with the victory by Araujo and up 75-0. Araujo looked great, but Carl did not really test him. He did not attack the “weak chin” that ATT said Araujo had.

The Blackzilians still have their home-gym advantage and were having some fun in the locker room.

The ATT locker room was quiet, but they got another pep talk. Let’s hope that next week the pep talk will spark something, because so far through three episodes, ATT has not shown anything.

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