On Sunday, May 10, the UFC heads down under with it’s 65th installment of the Fight Night series.  The Adelaide Entertainment Centre will play host to one of the Aussie’s favorite sons, even if he’s actually from New Zealand, Mark Hunt.  The 41-year-old Super Samoan will face Stipe Miocic as the headliner in this Fight Pass event. Hunt cant just rely on a hometown advantage though. In this issue of “Keys to Victory”, we explore what Hunt needs to do find his name in the winners column.

Hunt’s number 1 attribute, bar none, is his power.  7 of the Samoan slugger’s wins have come by way of knockout (10-9-1, 3 decisions).  Power alone wont be enough to defeat his athletic foe however.  Miocic will most likely employ an in and out style of boxing to try and wear Hunt down.  If Hunt looks to wait and counter, he may find himself in a hole late in the fight.  Look for Hunt to move forward and cut the off the cage. If Hunt can keep his opponent moving backwards it will make Miocic’s strikes ineffective. Cornering Miocic will give Hunt the opportunities necessary to land he types of punches that have made him famous.

As impressive as his power is, Hunt has an equally impressive chin.  Just because someone can take a punch though,  doesn’t mean they are a good fighter.  Hunt uses his natural gift effectively though.  A chin of granite coupled with  sledgehammer power equals a force to be reckoned with .  Hunt has the luxury of plodding forward absorbing shots in order to land his own.  This strategy may not be the best for his health and future, but it sure makes him a tough opponent.  Look for Hunt to take his share of punishment in this fight in order to get to his strengths, power punches.

While Hunt isn’t winning any body building contests, I do believe his weight can be an asset in this fight.  It’s no secret Miocic will enjoy a speed and athletic advantage over Hunt. At fight time, one could assume Hunt will have around a 30 pound weight advantage over his main event counterpart. If Hunt can tactically use his weight to jam Miocic against the fence, he can take away Miocic’ biggest weapon. The cage pressure will take away the speed and footwork of the quicker Miocic as well as burn his arms out from clinch fighting.

While nobody knows for sure what strategy the New Zealander will use Sunday, we do know he’s always entertaining and comes to fight.  At 41 years of age the door may be closing on a great career, but not before he gets one more crack at a chin.

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Josh Cate
Staff Writer

Josh Cate started his martial arts training 27 years ago. Josh become instantly passionate about the arts. One road led to another in his journey. Josh holds the rank of 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, 2nd degree black belt in Shingitai Jiu-jitsu, 2nd degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Brown belt in Judo. In 1998 he had his first professional MMA bout. A bronze medalist at the BJJ nationals, gold medalist at the Jiu-jitsu World Cup, NAGA national champion are a just a few of the many awards on Josh's list of accomplishments. Aside from owning and operating Team Kaos MMA/BJJ in Knoxville, Tennessee, Josh has started working with Valor Fighting Championships and occasionally writes for mma websites. Be on the lookout for the Full Frontal MMA podcast that he is getting ready to launch as well. Josh is truly grateful for all of the opportunities MMA has given him and looks forward to this chapter with The MMA Corner!