Saturday, May 9, 2015 UFC Fight Night 65 takes place from Adelaide, Australia. The entire event will air live and free (for subscribers) on UFC Fight Pass. The preliminary card features eight fights and kicks off at 7:45PM/4:45PM ETPT. The main card will feature four fights and begins at 11:00PM/8:00PM

This card is very similar in structure to the UFC Krakow Fight Pass event. Not a whole lot going on in the undercard, but the main event is a quality heavyweight bout. Mark Hunt, who is from nearby New Zealand, will be the hometown favorite when he steps in to fight against Stipe Miocic.

Miocic is nearly a decade younger than Hunt and a win will solidify him as a top-five heavyweight in the UFC. For Hunt, this is as close to a hometown fight as he could have and at forty-one years of age, he has to win if he ever plans on getting back to a title shot. Both men are coming off of losses and another loss would be devastating. Between the two men, they have had a total of fifteen wins by knockout as well. With everything on the line, two very solid chins, and the knockout power possessed by each of them, this fight has the potential to create a hightlight reel moment.

Main Event Summary

Mark Hunt vs. Stipe Miocic

Round 1: They immediately squared off in the center, and Hunt delivered the first leg kick. Miocic secures a brief take down, but Hunt gets right back Miocic was tentative on the feet as Hunt was throwing looping hooks. Hunt landed a hook that briefly rocked Miocic, but he weathered the storm. Stipe began finding a home for his hands. Miocic gets another take down and this time he holds him down. On the ground Miocic was landing some short elbows. Miocic was attempting a kimura and managed but managed to get to side control. At the end of the round Hunt managed to get back to his feet.

Round 2: The round started Miocic landing a few jabs.  Hunt didn’t seem to have an answer for it and Miocic started to land more significant strikes. Hunt continued to threaten with hooks, but Miocic gets it back to the ground. As Hunt attempted to get back to his feet Miocic transitioned to his back and landed some significant strikes to Hunt’s head. Hunt makes his way back up to his feet and Miocic lands a big right hand. Hunt was already visibly exhausted and Miocic started to land some solid standing elbows while working in the clinch. Miocic was holding him against the cage, and attempting take downs, but Hunt has managed to stay on his feet. At the end of the round Hunt landed some big hooks, but the bell intervened with his flurry.

Round 3: Miocic starts with the jab again, but Hunt was starting to land with his hook. Miocic recognized it and secured another take down. In Hunt’s half guard Miocic was landing some short elbows and ground and pound. Hunt really didn’t have much of an answer for anything. Miocic started to unload on Hunt while the ref was warning Hunt to improve his position. Hunt gets back to his feet, but Miocic puts him right back on his back. Miocic was landing a lot of strikes, but nothing to finish the fight.At the end of the round Hunt was showing a lot of damage on his face.

Round 4: Once again, Stipe starts with the jab and Hunt tries to time a right hook. Stipe sticks to his game plan and easily secures another take down. On the ground it was more of what we saw in the previous rounds. Stipe was landing some elbows to Hunt’s head and an assortment of punches from time to time. Miocic started working the body a little bit, but his pace has also slowed. Hunt managed to get back to his feet, but Stipe landed a big right hand immediately. Working in the clinch again it was very slow, but Stipe was landing more.

Round 5: Stipe immediately lands a jab and successfully takes Hunt back down. On the ground Miocic wasn’t doing much, but he was landing peppering shots. He started to land some dent shots and wasn’t doing enough to prevent the stoppage.

Stipe Miocic def. Mark Hunt by TKO, Round 5, 2:47



Stipe Miocic def. Mark Hunt by TKO, Round 5, 2:47
Robert Whittaker def. Brad Tavares by Knock Out, Round 1, :44
Sean O’Connell def. Anthony Perosh by TKO, Round 1, :56
James Vick def. Jake Mathews by Submission (guillotine), Round 1, 4:53
Daniel Hooker  def. Hatsu Hioki by Knock Out, Round 2, 4:13
Kyle Noke def. Jonavin Webb by Split Decision, (30-27,29-28,29-28)
Sam Alvey def. Daniel Kelly by TKO, Round 1, :49
Bec Rawlings def. Lisa Ellis by Submission (Rear-Naked Choke), Round 1, 4:09
Brad Scott def. Dylan Andrews by submission (Guillotine) Round 2, 4:54
Alex Chambers def. Kailin Curran by Submission (Arm Bar), Round 3, 3:15
Brendan O’Reilly def. Vik Grujic by Unanimous Decision (29-28,29-28,29-28)
Ben Nguyen def. Alptekin Ozkilic by TKO, Round 1, 4:59

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