On Friday, May 15, Bellator MMA touched down in Temecula, California to bring fight fans Bellator 137 live from the Pechanga Resort & Casino.

The card was scheduled to be headline by a middleweight title fight between reigning champion Branden Halsey and UFC veteran Kendall Grove. But after missing weight by 3 pounds Halsey was stripped of his titled. As a result, win, lose or draw, Halsey cannot walk away as champion. However, should Grove, who made weight emerge victorious, he will be crowned the new champion.

Halsey (8-0), a former Division I wrestler at Cal-State Bakersfield, has kept his professional record unblemished through the first eight matchups of his career. At just 28 years old, Halsey already owns six victories under the Bellator MMA banner, including a four-man tournament victory to earn a shot at the belt and a stunning, 35-second stoppage of then-champ Alexander Shlemenko to claim the Bellator MMA World Middleweight Championship. Three of Halsey’s past four wins have come by way of first-round stoppage.

Meanwhile, the 32-year-old Grove (21-14) has been fighting professionally for nearly 12 years. The Hawaiian-born Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt is a former winner of The Ultimate Fighter has earned 15 of his 21 career victories by stoppage, include 10 wins by submission. Grove signed with Bellator MMA in 2013 and earned his shot at the belt with an October submission win over former Bellator MMA World Light Heavyweight Champion Christian M’Pumbu.

The entire recap from the card along with the results from the prelims can be found below.

Main Card Summary

Brandon Halsey vs. Kendall Grove

The main event of Bellator 137 has a considerable exclamation mark attached to it, as champion Brandon Halsey missed weight Friday. As a result, a special stipulation was agreed to: if Grove wins, he becomes the undisputed champion, however should Halsey win, the title will be vacated. In essence, Halsey has been stripped of his title. How will this play out? Lets find out!

Round 1 — Halsey opens the action with a pair of leg kicks. Throws a body kick then looks for the single leg. Has Grove down. Halsey heavy on top. Steps over into full mount. Looks for the arm triangle choke. Tight. Very tight. Grove survives, just barely. Gives up the back. Heavy punches. Grove looks shell shocked. Halsey postured up, got back to the feet, looked briefly for a heel hook, now Grove is on the feet. Halsey looks for the ankle then releases it. They switch positions. Takes Grove’s back again. Halsey with a serious power advantage. The fact that Grove has survived this far is admirable at this point. Halsey with hammer fists. Grove rolls him off his back. Halsey maintains top control. Stands back up, Grove looks for an upkick. Closed guard for Grove. Upkick attempt backs up Halsey, and Kendall Grove escapes the round.

Round 2 — someone remind Jimmy that you don’t score for damage and blood should have no bearing on the difference between a 10-8 and 10-9 round. In any case – Grove finds a little success on the feet only to be put back down on the canvass by the power of Halsey. Halsey does looked to have slowed just a little. Closed guard for Grove. Tries cage walking, is in defence mode again. Haley trying for side control but is a little jammed against the cage.  Halsey with some nasty elbows. Almost into crucifix. The round comes to an end in this position. Another dominant round by Halsey, but Grove escapes again.

Round 3 — Halsey pushes Grove up against the cage and again has him down. Goes right to work with elbows and punches from the top. Warned about hitting the back of the head. Still in control, in half guard. Takes the back, looking for a crank then reigning punches down. Grove turns, still on bottom, back in half guard. This has been all Halsey again. Ref stands them up. Not sure if that was really necessary. Halsey takes it right back down. If the thought process was outlasting Halsey, the issue here is that Grove could be down three rounds to none with one possibly being a 10-8 round. He’ll need a finish, or frankly a miracle. Grove tries for an arm bar, Halsey easily powers out.

Round 4 — Michael Bisping is strategizing between rounds with Grove, tells him he’s down three rounds.  Halsey lands a big right to open things. Grove wobbled. Looks for the guillotine, nothing doing. Halsey takes him down. Grove is covering up as the punches rain down. Ref warns him twice to fight back. Grove moving but can’t do much. Grove looks for the arm bar. Halsey yanks free. More strikes. Grove looks like he might be done. Halsey has both hooks in. More shots, Grove just covering up, and the ref waves it off.

Brandon Halsey defeated Kendall Grove by TKO, Round 4, 2:25

Eduardo Dantas vs. Mike Richman

Round 1 — Dantas quickly taking control. Strong on top. Richman spending a lot of the round on his back, unable to make it back to his feet. With two minutes left in the opening frame they get back to the stand up game, and Richman looks to find his range. Dantas throwing kicks, looks for a takedown but thinks better of it. Dantas with a body kick. Richman throws a leg kick of his own that misses. Richman moves in for a strike with ten seconds left, has Dantas up against the cage but can’t land. The round ends, Dantas takes that one.

Round 2 — Dantas opens the frame with a body kick. Throws a leg kick then shoots in for a takedown. Nothing doing. Richman circles, but really isn’t pulling the trigger enough and when he does he’s not finding the target. Dantas the more active fighter. Richman with a leg kick. Dantas is guilty of having his chin up a little too much. Shoots for a single leg, Richman defends, looks for the guillotine. Looks like this will be a stand up round. Brief striking exchanges to finish things out. Much closer round.

Round 3 — spinning back fist attempt by Dantas doesn’t land, but he’s coming out strong in the third. Takes top control, Richman on his back again. He’s going to want to avoid another round like the first. Dantas active, looking to try and get past guard. Landing some solid punches from the top. Richman working his way to the wall. Starts to make his way to his feet; Dantas looks to take him back down. Can’t. Dantas is cut and bleeding. Pins Richman up against the fence. The bell rings to end the round, and the bout. This one goes to the scorecards.

Eduardo Dantas defeated Mike Richman by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Fernando Gonzalez vs. Curtis Millender

Round 1 – big size differential here. Gonzalez lands a nice left. Leg kicks from both fighters. Millender needs to use that reach. Millender lands some shots before Gonzalez tries to catch a kick, then goes inside and ties him up against the cage wall. They break, Gonzalez with an overhand left, followed by a kick. Millender whiffs on a big shot. Gonzalez comes down the middle. Fifteen seconds or so left, Gonzalez scores the late takedown and works hammer fists. Saved by the bell.

Round 2 — round two, Gonzalez seems to be oozing confidence, and is moving forward. Definitely the aggressor so far. Gonzalez has his legs taken out from under him, but Millender backs off. Under two to go, Millender finds himself on top on the ground, and Millender finally delivers from damage. Gonzalez cut. Could easily be one round a piece heading into the third.

Round 3 — round three, Gonzalez moving forward again, but Millender finding his range more easily now, and is still managing to avoid eating the big shots. Gonzalez then kicks Millender’s legs out from under him. They wind up on the ground, Gonzalez on the bottom. He looks for a guillotine, and Millender taps!

Fernando Gonzalez defeated Curtis Millender via submission (guillotine), Round 3, 1:14

Darrion Caldwell vs. Rafael “Morcego” Silva

Round 1 — the round opens with a feeling out process. Silva shoots for the takedown a minute in, only to find the tables turned, and Caldwell on top. Silva rolls and looks for a heel hook. Fair amount of work on the ground in this one, but the fighters are active. Caldwell scrambles into side control with just under a minute to go.

Round 2 — over a minute in, Silva opts to try to lock in a guillotine rather than defend the takedown, and puts Caldwell in a bit of trouble – but not enough to be really threatening. Caldwell breaks free, and Silva winds up on bottom. Caldwell can’t do much, and Silva looks to trap Caldwell’s ankle again. Caldwell looks for a heel hook of his own. Silva presses Caldwell up against the cage, and finds top control.

Round 3 — in all honesty Silva should be looking for the finish. Doesn’t look like he has the gas to get it however. After the fight goes to the ground, the fighters are unable to make much progress. With 90 seconds left in the ground and Silva looking exhausted, the pair are stood back up, only to have Caldwell take things down to the ground again thirty seconds later. This one looks to be going to the judges, and it’s all Caldwell at this point.

Darrion Caldwell defeated Rafael “Morcego” Silva by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Full Results

Main Card – Spike TV, 9 p.m. ET

Brandon Halsey defeated Kendall Grove by TKO, Round 4, 2:25
Eduardo Dantas defeated Mike Richman by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Fernando Gonzalez defeated Curtis Millender via submission (guillotine), Round 3, 1:14
Darrion Caldwell defeated Rafael “Morcego” Silva by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Prelim Card – The MMA Corner, 7 p.m. ET

Joe Taimanglo defeated Antonio Duarte by KO, Round 3, 1:00
Jordan Parsons defeated Julio Cesar Neves Jr. by submission (arm triangle), Round 3, 4:09
Virgil Zwicker defeated Razak Al-Hassan by KO, Round 1, 3:51
Ricky Rainey defeated Jesse Juarez by KO, Round 2, 1:13

Prelim Card – Untelevised, 11 p.m. ET

Benji Radach vs. Ben Reiter
Albert Morales vs. John Yoo
Shawn Bunch vs. Rolando Perez
Ian Butler vs. Steve Kozola
Arlene Blencowe vs. Adrienna Jenkins