This week for the Technique Spotlight we are going to examine the Guillotine choke submission. With Urijah Faber and Frankie Edgar squaring off on Saturday, I figured this would be a good submission to focus on. Both men are elite level wrestlers with tremendous skills in the grappling department so it wouldn’t be surprising if the fight ended with a guillotine.

The Guillotine Choke is one of the most brutal chokes that you can be put into. It can be used as either a blood choke, or it can be applied in a way that the pressure is so great on the victims trachea that they are forced to tap. The reason that this choke is the focus for this weeks edition of Technique Spotlight is because it’s often applied against wrestlers attempting take downs.

The technique and application vary quite a bit, but if we see it on Saturday it will most likely be a standard guillotine choke applied with the victim in full guard. A standard guillotine is applied when the victims head is under your arm. From there you loop that arm around the head of your opponent with your palm facing your chest. At that point you grab a hold of the hand that is under the neck, and pull upwards with both arms. It can be applied standing, or from full guard.

Neither Edgar or Faber have ever been submitted, and between the two of them they have a total of sixty-one fights. It may not be likely that it ends in a submission, but if it does it would most likely be a guillotine.

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