There wasn’t much hype surrounding UFC Fight Night/Morning 66, but that doesn’t mean the event didn’t have an impact on the landscape of MMA. While I won’t lie and say that this was a great event in terms of substance, it was still good, and had a few fights that proved where certain fighters are at, what they are capable of, or perhaps what their limitations are.

For this weeks edition we are going to focus on the main card only. From top to bottom we will break down what was on the line, and how the outcome of the fight may affect them moving forward. Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Frankie Edgar Continues to Evolve

Frankie “The Answer” Edgar came into the fight with Urijah Faber as a favorite, but most analyst thought it was a much closer fight than what the Vegas odds would lead you to believe. Edgar proved Vegas right. While it wasn’t a beat down, he was technically immaculate, and stayed five steps ahead of Faber every step of the way. Edgar is known for his humility. That humility has kept him teachable and even after a long, successful career, he continues to evolve and improve under the tutelage of Mark Henry and Ricardo Almeida.

 Gegard Mousasi has Achieved Gatekeeper Status

No one wants to be known as a gatekeeper. It sounds derogatory, but is it really? Mousasi is an elite fighter, but he struggles against those ranked above him. He absolutely schooled Costas Philippou, taking him down when ever he wanted to. It wasn’t very exciting to watch, but Mousasi completely exposed Philippou there. He made it look like Philippou didn’t belong in MMA. Admittedly, Philippou’s hands are dangerous so Mousasi played it safe and repeatedly took him down, and kept him there. Unfortunately, the last few times Mousasi has fought against upper echelon talent he has come up short.

Neil Magny Needs a Challenge

As of May 16, 2015, Neil Magny was ranked at 15 in the UFC’s official Welterweight Rankings. This is where he stands following a seven fight win streak. The problem with his winning streak is that their aren’t any giant names in it. The biggest name is arguably Tim Means, and that was the second fight out of the seven. He looked great against Lim, but it’s time for him to get in there with a top ten fighter so the UFC and Magny can determine where he should be, and if he will rise to contender status anytime soon.

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