Episode three of The Ultimate Fighter: American Top Team vs. Blackzilians ended with the Blackzilians winning the third fight of the show and celebrating their victory. It also showed ATT in the locker room getting a pep talk about how they need to turn it around.

Episode four starts with ATT’s coach talking about how they need to start winning. It seems like ATT is all about their pep talks, as they have been doing them all season, but they have not seemed to work. ATT talks about how they have a fire burning after the losses and they are going to avenge them.

For the fourth fight of the season, ATT sits down to decide whom they are going to pick. They are down 3-0 and they need a big victory. Dana White talked about how they need a win to help get them going as well.

ATT decides to go with Steve “Creepy Weasel” Montgomery for the fourth fight of the season. They believe he will go in there and bring it. Creepy Steve explained himself as a fighter and showed a very humble side to himself.

The episode then showed the Blackzilians having fun and doing well inside the house. They then sit down to pick who they want to fight in the fourth fight of the season. They decided on Carrington Banks, but because they thought Coy was the fighter ATT was picking, and the fourth fight of the season was set.

Carrington Banks vs. Creepy Steve

Banks was a wrestler at Iowa and considers himself well rounded. He showed that he is a humble guy outside of the cage as well. He will be looking to get the Blackzilians their fourth win of the season.

The show then took a very scary turn as you hear someone scream for help. It cut to a very scary and sad scene of fighter from ATT having what looked like a seizure upstairs. It was a very sad moment in the episode and one of the scariest moments in any Ultimate Fighter show. It was the fighter ATT picked to fight, Steve Montgomery. He had a seizure from water loading for his weight loss.

This means that ATT now needs to pick a new fighter. They decide to go with Sabah Homasi.

Now the fight is: Banks vs. Homasi

Dana White says, “I do not even know what to think about this fight.” He explained how anyone could win it. The fighters step up on the scale and both make weight. The fight is on and ATT will be looking to win their first while Blackzilians might win their fourth.

Luckily Creepy Steve was okay after his seizure, but the doctors wanted him to leave the show. It was an unfortunate turn for Creepy Steve, but Dana White shed some light on the situation and ended his comments by saying, “We will give him a shot in the UFC.”

The energy inside the gym for the fight was once again electric and the fourth fight of the show was here. Dana White said, “In the history of TUF, there has never been this much energy.”

Round 1:

The fight started out slow with Sabah as the aggressor. Banks then shot for a takedown, but could not get it right away. Sabah did a good job defending the takedown until Banks finally broke through and got Sabah to the ground. Banks threw some good knees with Sabah on the ground. They then stood back up and Sabah was once again the aggressor. Sabah started to land some good shots and was showing he was the better striker. Banks saw that and took Sabah down once again. Sabah got back up to his feet again and they both started trading. Sabah landed some good strikes when Banks shot for another takedown and then the round was over.

Round 2:

The round starts out with Sabah being the aggressor once again. He controlled the octagon and forced Banks back. Banks once again shot for a takedown, but was denied. Both fighters then threw a couple of strikes and the fight really slowed down. Banks then shot for another takedown and got Sabah’s back for about a second and slipped off. Banks then threw a kick and slipped to the ground. Sabah laid on top of him for a little and then they stood again. The round was very slow and very tough to score, as both fighters really did not do much.

The fight then somehow just went into a third round…

Round 3:

The round started out very slow again and it did not seem as if any of the fighters wanted it more. Banks landed some nice strikes, which was surprising considering he went for the takedown in the first two rounds. Sabah was not as aggressive as he was in rounds one and two. Both fighters looked like they were more afraid to make a mistake than make the right move. Banks then shot for another takedown and secured it. Sabah was able to once again get up to his feet. Banks was then landing some good strikes with Sabah also landing a few. Neither fighter really had that killer instinct. Sabah landed some good shots toward the end of the round that could have stole him the round. It was a pretty slow round and hard to score.

I scored all three rounds to Banks, but the judges did not. However, they did score the third round to him and he walked away with the unanimous decision victory.

Carrington Banks def. Sabah Homasi by unanimous decision

That makes the Blackzilians 4-4 on the show and gives them a dominating 100-0 lead over ATT. They remain with the home gym advantage. ATT is still looking for their first victory and they need someone to step up.

Almost all of these fights have been fighters not trying to make a statement, but instead, fighters who want to fight safe and hopefully win. Lets hope that episode 5 has more fireworks and someone makes a statement.

The episode ended with Sabah saying he got robbed and that he should have won the fight and ATT having a mini pep talk about getting it back.

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