The last time Dan Miller stepped into the Octagon was March of 2013. Prior to that he only fought once in 2012. He has fought through adversity in recent years in more ways than one, and now he is scheduled to return in just over a month.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Miller, he is the older brother of Jim Miller. The two joined the UFC back in 2oo8. Over the five years that he was active in the UFC he picked up six victories, and four of them were by submission.

One of his most impressive, and frightening wins came before his days in the UFC. This brings us to this week’s Brutal Moment. In 2007, Miller competed against Dave Phillips and put him into one of the most visually disturbing guillotine chokes ever applied in mma.

Miller began applying the submission while Phillips had one knee down on the mat. By the time Phillips had gone unconscious both knees where up and Phillips was on his toes due to the amount of leverage Miller was applying to his neck. By the time Phillips was out his head seemed to be flat against his own chest. If you told  some one before showing them the video that they were about to watch a mma fight where some one dies, they would believe  you after watching it.

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