This Saturday night, the main event for UFC Fight Night 67 will see Carlos Condit step back into the Octagon against Thiago Alves. This will be the first time Condit has been in the Octagon in over 14 months. The UFC is showing a lot of faith in the “Natural Born Killer” by giving him the main event spot and did him no favors by putting him against the ultra aggressive and dangerous Pitbull.

For Condit to pull off a win this Saturday in Brazil he will have to do the following:

Cardio / Pace

With Condit having been out of action for 14 months, his cardio will be a key to his victory on Saturday. Before being put out of action, Condit had some of the best cardio in the UFC and he kept one of the most ferocious paces for any fighter, in any weight division. Alves on the other hand has had problems in his past fights with gassing early, which decreases his offensive output in later rounds.

Precision Striking

Condit is known as one of the most accurate strikers in the welterweight division, what this means is that when he throws a strike it lands. Against Alves, this will be key as Alves will be the more powerful striker and will be swinging for the fences each time he goes on the offensive. Precision striking will keep Condit in the fight by making his strikes count when it comes to damaging Alves, but by also earning his respect and keeping Alves from closing the distance in on him.

Killer Instinct

Condit’s fight name is “The Natural Born Killer” and it is a well-deserved nickname as he truly has a killer instinct inside the Octagon. Condit is a well-known finisher within the UFC with 27 of his 29 career wins coming by way of stoppage (14 KO/TKO and 13 Sub). A skill that people don’t talk a lot about in combat sports is knowing when and how to finish an opponent; we can all recall fighters rushing in to finish off their opponent and either they could not finish or got finished themselves. Condit does not have this issue, he sees an opening and attacks and will follow the finish to the mat if he needs to or keep it on the feet and this is something that I believe is very underrated in MMA.


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Scott Bond
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Scott is a Sports Administration graduate from Laurentian University. He has been a fan of MMA for over 15 years following closely the impact it has had on Canada. The business side of MMA is Scott’s true passion, be it the economics of the sport or the worldwide acceptance it has received and increased revenues that have followed.