On Friday night, World Series of Fighting touched down in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to bring fight fans WSOF 21: Palmer vs. Horodecki live from the Edmonton Expo Centre.

In the main event, reigning WSOF World Featherweight Champion Lance Palmer put his title on the line for the first time against Canadian challenger and battle-tested veteran Chris Horodecki while.

Palmer (9-1) won the 145-pound title at WSOF 16 in December when he choked out champion Rick Glenn in the third round. This marked his second straight submission win with his previous being a first-round stoppage of Nick LoBosco at WSOF 10, which ultimately got him the title shot against Glenn.

Horodecki (21-5-1) was coming off a win over Luis Huete in his WSOF debut this past October. That got”The Polish Hammer” back on track after a decision loss to Marlon Sandro at Bellator 119 this past May.

In the co-main event, WSOF heavyweight champion Smealinho “The Prince” Rama risked his crown for the first time against Bulgarian standout Blagoi Ivanov.

Rama (9-1) was last seen earning his title ins his WSOF debut with a violent first round TKO over Derrick Mehmen in October. This marked Canadian’s second straight TKO victory and third straight overall.

Ivanov (11-1) will be looking to rebound from second round submission loss to Alexander Volkov at Bellator 120 last May. This setback marked the Bulgarian’s first professional loss




Lance Palmer vs. Chris Horodecki – for WSOF featherweight title

Lance Palmer defends his Featherweight belt by rear naked round 1.

The main event is under way.  Horodecki seems to be standing very low to prevent takedowns.  Palmer wings a huge over hand left but is blocked.  Nice staright left hand by Palmer.  Inside leg kick by Palmer.  Nice single leg by Palmer.  Horodecki works from guard, now half guard.  Horodecki leaves an opening and Palmer takes the back.  Nice defense for Horodecki to defend the choke.  Horodecki reverses and gets on top and now back to the feet.  Palmer again gets a takedown and Horodeckii gives his back.  Palmer flattens him out and is landing big strikes.  Palmer finishes with a rear naked choke.
Smealinho Rama vs. Blagoi Ivanov – for WSOF heavyweight title

Round 3

The 3rd frame starts the same as Ivanov backs up and waits to counter.  Rama continually stalks but eats big leather.  Ivanov knocks Rama down and attempts a 10 finger guillotine.  Rama Taps.

The new WSOF heavyweight champion Blagoi Ivanov.

Round 2

The fighters pick up the pace immediately at the start of the second r0und.  Both fighters exchange shots.  Rama being predictable with a hook cross combo and Ivanov always countering with a right hook.Rama knocked down with a leg kick but gets up quickly.  Big combo has Ivanov backing up.  Neither fighter utilizing level changes to throw their opponent off.  Rama has a bad cut under his right eye and it’s bleeding down his chest.  Rama attempts a takedown to no avail.  After a sloppy striking battle I have it all even.  Ivanov 10-9.

Round 1

The fighters come out and the size advantage for Ivanov is very clear.  Rama stalks Ivanov.  40 seconds before the first strike is thrown.  Now the fighters start unloading with single shots.  Rama seems to want to pick up the action.  Nice takedown by Ivanov and an Oma Plata attempt by the champion from his back.  The fighters are back up.  Again the fighters unload bombs.  Neither fighter looks comfortable yet.  Ivanov keeping his back against the cage and waits for Rama to initiate.  Nice combos by Rama to end the round.  I see it 10-9 for Rama.
Mark Drummond vs. Michael Hill

Officially your winner by split dec. 29-28 Hill.

Round 3

Big overhand right from Hill to start.  Hill with a nice penetration step on his takedown, but no drive for a finish.  Good defense from Drummond as they separate.  Neither fighter looking to take control and leave an impression.  Hill tries for an up elbow Anderson Silva style, but misses.  Hill tries a superman punch and a spinning kick.  Instead of working for a win he’s trying wild tactics.  Drummond presses Hill against the cage and lands knees.  The ref seperates the fighters and Hill tries some wild striking. The round and fight is over.  Neither fighter putting a stamp on the round. I give it to Drummond 10-9.

Unofficially I have the fight 29-28 Drummond, but can see anything happening due to lack of effort.

Round 2

Big kick and a slip from Drummond and he eats a big punch.  This round looks much like the first with Drummond looking to kick and Hill looking for big punches.  Hill looks very tense right before he throws his techniques.  Drummond looks very loose, but is not being aggressive.  Drummond tries to pressure Hill again and gets his head stuck in another guillotine.  The fighters break strike once again.  Drummond turns his head from a strike and has his back taken, but escapes.  Action picks up in the final seconds of the round.  I have the second round for Drummond 10-9.

Round 1

A welterweight bout is under way.  The fighters come out very aggressive and wild.  Drummond is very tall for the weight class.  Drummond looking to kick and Hill looking to counter with big punches.  Drummond now presses Hill against the cage.  Drummond trying to land knees but they are fairly ineffective.  Hill ends up on top in Drummond’s guard.  Drummond attempting the rubber guard but lets it go.  Hill staying close and not landing anything significant.  Hill clasps a tight guillotine but Drummond able to spin out.  After a close round I give it to Hill due to being on top and the sub attempt.  Hill 10-9.
Hakeem Dawodu vs. Chuka Willis

Round 1

Quick takedown attempt by Willis.  Gets the takedown and already has the back with only 30seconds gone.  Dawodu shows good defense and gets back to his feet.  The fighters finally separate and Dawadu lands a right hand.  Willis pushes for another takedown attempt.  Dawadu again gets separation.  Willis appears to have used a lot of energy in the takedown attempts.  Nice knees, elbows and punches by Dawadu.  Wilis looking to hold.  After a strong start by Willis, Dawadu finished strong.

Round 2

Round 2 starts with Dawadu stalking.  After a bad shot from Willis, Dawadu takes the back.  The fighters separate, but Willis hits a clean single leg.  The fighters again come off the mat and separate.  Willis wants no part of the stand up.  Big knees from the clinch from Dawadu.  This fight is starting to look lopsided.  Willis looks for another sloppy takedown and eats knees for his troubles.  Willis succumbs to the pressure and Dawadu gets his 5th victory.



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Dan Lariviere vs. Mike Scarcello
Louie Grover vs. Michael Hay


Stephen Beaumont vs. Jose Rodriguez
Roger Alves vs. Danny Doig
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Nick Hrabec vs. Garret Nybakken

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