Did we all just forget how good Carlos Condit really is?

Out of sight, out of mind is a huge problem in the MMA world. If you’re not fighting, and fighting often, you tend to wind up forgotten — in terms of the title picture, and in terms of who the fans are talking about.

Condit is the perfect example. Saturday night in Brazil, he literally rearranged Thiago Alves’ face in one of the most brutal displays of MMA striking in recent memory, perfectly picking his shots, and landing devastating elbows. By the end of the second round, it had become a little hard to watch, and the doctor did Alves a huge favor in terms of long-term health by stopping the fight.

It was a triumphant comeback fight for Condit, who looked supremely confidant walking out to the octagon, notes from Tool’s Triad thundering in the background. After a slow start in the first, Condit unleashed all hell in the second. It was the sort of fight that makes it hard not to love the guy. It’s not like he ever stopped being a threat, however. It’s just that, with him out of action so long (and with his fight prior to Alves ending with injury), we just forgot, just for a bit, how effective he really is.

The question now becomes — what’s next for Carlos Condit? Ranked fourth in the division, how far is he from a title shot? With those being handed out like Cracker Jack prizes of late (we’re looking at you, Cormier vs. Gustafsson), it’s hard to imagine the UFC not wanting to get Condit a shot as soon as possible, given his popularity and crowd pleasing style.

And realistically, he’s just one win away from being a legitimate title contender. Against either Robbie Lawler or Rory MacDonald, he’d be an excellent foe. A fight with Matt Brown, should he come out victorious against Tim Means at UFC 189, would seem reasonable.

Lets just hope he can stay healthy, and therefore at the forefront of the division, until then.

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