The Superman Punch is something I have been perfecting in my own training lately, which is why I decided to spotlight this technique.

The Superman Punch is a great tool when trying to make up distance. Trying to use this technique while you are close to your opponent will not work. Faking the knee from further away and then kicking the leg back while at the same time throwing a punch, it looks like Superman flying, thus named “The Superman Punch.” It often catches fighters off guard and is a power punch that can knock out your opponent.

The punch can be difficult to execute correctly, but when it is, it often results in lights-out for the person on the receiving end. Georges St. Pierre is a fighter who successfully landed the Superman Punch several times over the course of his career and may have been one of the first UFC fighters to make it famous. The Superman Punch is said to have been first used in the UFC by Bas Rutten. Many UFC fighters have used this punch — only a few successfully. When executed properly, the Superman Punch will cause an opponent to become perplexed and ultimately freeze in the moment.

This is the type of punch you must practice many times before trying to execute in a fight. I would consider the Superman Punch an advanced technique. Several forms of Martial arts and even some pro WWE style wrestlers use this punch.


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Jessica Doerner
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Jessica Doerner is a professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter with a 5 and 3 professional record. She has also worked for the Air Force for over 14 years and is currently in the Hawaii Air Guard. Jessica has a Master’s degree in Sports and Health Science, Bachelors in Management/Healthcare, and Associates in Information Systems. She has a passion for all things health and fitness especially anything related to Mixed Martial Arts.