Tecia Torres meets Angela Hill this weekend at UFC 188 in Mexico City.

Both Torres and Hill are talented strikers and both are undefeated, but it’s Torres who has the edge in experience. All of Torres five professional wins have come by decision. Torres usually outpoints her opponents with fast striking. Hill will have the reach advantage in this fight and undoubtedly the heavier hands. Torres should and most likely will do what she has not done in the past and that’s take the fight to the ground. Torres does not want to risk Hill landing a big punch, one that could end the night early.

Torres needs to be patient and get Hill comfortable striking, then take her down when she is not expecting it. This is a very interesting matchup with two fighters who have very similar backgrounds. One fighter will have to stand out and take the fight a different direction. Torres has more experience in wrestling and jiu-jitsu these tools will be her key to victory.


Torres will need to get inside and pressure Hill to get her frustrated. Torres is talented at throwing a high volume of punches and this is what she needs to do while staying inside of Hill’s longer reach. As long as Torres stays in close, Hill will not be able to land heavy power punches.


Torres will need to use fast footwork and angles this will also help her stay out of harms way from a heavy shot. She’ll do this by utilizing her skilled footwork that will keep her opponent at bay. Torres has been known to avoid significant damage because of her ability to counter move away from danger.


Once Hill is frustrated and breaking from the pressure, Torres should use her wrestling and work takedowns. Torres will most likely need to work the takedowns from the clinch position. Once the fight is on the ground, Torres will look to work ground-and-pound and if Hill makes a mistake while defending, she should capitalize and take a submission victory.

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