On last week’s episode, episodes seven of The Ultimate Fighter: American Top Team vs. Blackzilians, it ended with the Blackzilians once again winning the fight. The Blackzilians have now won six of the seven fights, and maybe more importantly, they have seemed to take the life away from ATT.

The episode starts with Rashad Evan giving a great speech to the Blackzilians, but then right away, Coach Robinson tells Felipe that he will be fighting next

Felipe Portela is 8-2 in his career and talks about he will make the most of this opportunity.

ATT’s Michael Graves talks how the ATT team moral is pretty low.

Coach Tyrone Spong comes to the house and talks to the Blackzilians. The Blackzilians talked about their confidence. The Blackzilians feel that ATT is out of answers and that they have pretty much locked the show down already even thought there are five fights left. They do say that they need to keep the foot on the pedal and finish strong.

ATT guesses whom Blackzilians will pick to fight, and they are correct. They decide to go with Hayder Hassan

Dana says, “ATT backs are against the wall. He [Dan] has to pick the most ferocious animal he has.”

Hayder Hassan has already fought, and won, so he is one of the better picks that ATT has had during the show. Hassan was the only ATT fighter to win his fight and they believe that he is the most ready to go out and win again.

It was interesting that the show did make it seem like ATT did not have much trust in any of their other fighters and Dan Lambert even made a comment to Hassan about how he is the only one stepping up.

Hassan seems like a very good choice for another reason other than his only win for his team. Hassan has confidence and that is one thing you need in this show. Not that cocky “I am the best” attitude, but the “I believe in myself and my training” attitude.

Hassan steps up for ATT and then Portela does not for a little. It was very interesting and made it seem like Hassan intimidated Portela. It made you think this even more when it explained how Hassan and Portela have fought before at Titan FC 31, with Hassan winning by TKO in round 1. This was an awesome twist to the episode and made you really want to see them fight again.

Hassan weighs in at 170 ¼.

Portela weighs in at 170.

Glenn Robinson then says that Portela actually asked that if he was on this show and so was Hassan, he wanted to fight him. “He got his wish,” said Robinson.

Dana White talks about the matchup and explains how Hassan beat Portela and thst it makes both fighters have different reasons to want to win.

Hassan keeps his head and explains that the most dangerous opponent is one that is coming off of a loss. Hassan is making a great case for himself to be a UFC fighter after this show even if he does not win. He has the mind, attitude, and skills to do so.

Portela talks about how his loss is in the past and he lives in the present. He is confident he will beat Hassan in the new fight because he is a new fighter himself since the loss.


ATT and Hassan are watching the fight between Hassan and Portela to get their game plan down. Hassan says he will make sure that Portela wont have any new opportunities because he will put the pressure on him.

Portela is getting ready for the fight and making sure he does not make the same mistake.

Hassan makes comment about the hostile environments he has to fight in, which shows how important the home gym advantage is.

Both fighters make their way to the cage and the fight is set.

Hayder Hassan vs. Felipe Portela

Dana White says, “I am actually looking very forward to this fight.”

Round 1:

The fight starts with Portela shooting for a takedown right away and securing it. Hassan gets back to his feet, but Portela is on his back. Hassan spins around and has Portela pressuring him against the cage. They split up and start throwing some strikes. Hassan is the one with the pressure and Portela is just looking for the takedown. He gets another one, but then Hassan gets up. He grabs the cage to prevent from being taken down again. Hassan is landing the strikes, but Portela then starts working his kicks. Portela seems intimidated and Hassan seems to know it. Hassan keeps pushing forward and landing some good shots while Portela keeps shooting for takedowns and getting stuffed. Hassan is doing very well, but Portela waves him on for more. With about twenty seconds left in the first, Hassan lands a fury of strikes. One of them looked to hurt Portela a little. It was a very good round for Hassan’s striking, but Portela did take him down twice.

Round 2:

The second starts it with Hassan once again the aggressor. Hassan has landed some solid shots, but Portela got one of his own. Portela still seemed to be intimidated and Hassan still seemed to see it. Hassan was landing shots still, but nothing that has really hurt Portela in this round. Both fighters looked tired and the fight started to show that. Hassan was the aggressor all round, but Portela picked it up a little towards the end. Neither fighter looked to have a killer instinct to finish the fight. Portela got a takedown at the end of the round and landed a couple nice shots. It was a hard round to score, but Hassan looked to win it even though he was taken down.

The judges are split on the decision: 20-18, 19-19, and 20-18.

20-18 seems to be a more realistic score for me.

Hayder Hassan defeats Felipe Portela by split decision 20-18, 19-19, 20-18.

Robinson is angry and is asking where the point deduction was for the cage grabs. I do agree that a point should have been taken away because he was warned twice and the second cage grab was horrible.

Dana White touches on the subject, but does not really go onto depth because I think he agrees with Robinson.

Robinson says that he thinks Portela won, but it does not matter, they are going to win next week. It is always interesting to see how a team takes winning and losing.

Next week should be a great because of all the drama this episode left the fans with.

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