The Mixed Martial Arts Federation of Australia (MMAFA) has officially been formed in order to join forces with the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation and provide a national structure for MMA in Australia.

MMAFA is headed by President Joe Minehan, who has coached athletes to Olympic level.  Minehan is supported by Cameron Quinn one of Australia’s most senior and experienced combat referees; Stewart Brain, Olympic athlete and coach; and Justin Lawrence, promoter of XFC, Australia’s longest running MMA organisation founded 2003.

“We support the IMMAF in growing the sport to enable cohesive global competition,” stated Minehan. “We applaud and support the aim of the JMMAF to have an official place for MMA in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.”

The IMMAF also welcome the  Azerbaijan Pankration Grappling and MMA, which was established in December 2006, with the purpose of developing Pankration, Grappling and MMA in Azerbaijan.

The federation is structured as a non-profit, sports organistion governed by the General Assembly and with an active administration. It is registered with the Ministry of Justice and accredited by the Ministry of Sport and Youth.

The APGMMA is presided over by President Azad Asgarov, one of the first professional MMA athletes in Azerbaijan and founder of the federation in 2006.

The governing body has 42 member clubs across the country, with the estimated number of participants standing at 4000 persons. There is no specific state regulation in relation to MMA, which is governed by general sports laws of the Azerbaijan Republic.


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