Jason “The Vanilla Gorilla” Witt has one of the most interesting nicknames in MMA. Whenever you have a name like “The Vanilla Gorilla” you know that there has got to be a story behind it. I asked Witt what the story was behind his nickname.

“There was one point in my career when I was an amateur, it was right before I turned pro, I cut to 155,” Witt told The MMA Corner. “I had no idea what I was doing, I over trained myself, and I did not eat properly. I won the fight, but after it, my body turned for the worst. I started to gain a bunch of weight and I blew up to 198 or something crazy like that. I am a pretty athletic guy and my coach always gives be shit for it. So at that point I was almost 200 pounds and my coach said, ‘You look like a Vanilla Gorilla.’ It was in the middle of class and everybody started laughing so it stuck. It is one of those things that when I hear someone announce it, even during a fight, there is still a part of me that laughs listening to someone announce ‘The Vanilla Gorilla.’”

All laughs aside, Witt’s 2015 has been no joke. He is already 3-0 in 2015 and on July 18, at Titan FC 34, Witt will be looking to make that 4-0 in 2015. Witt talked about his year so far in 2015.

“I told myself 2015 was going to be my year and so far I have made my goals,” explained Witt. “After my last loss [in 2014], I started training at Glory MMA. They gave me a different approach to the whole mental game and how to approach the fight mentally. It has helped me out a lot in terms of how I think about things.”

Witt’s new approach to the fights has been obvious, as he has not lost since his last loss in 2014. Witt is currently 6-2 in his career and is looking to build his resume up. Witt will be looking to approach his next fight the same way he has been approaching all his fights in 2015 against maybe the biggest name he has ever faced; UFC veteran Isaac Vallie-Flagg.

“Titan gave me the opportunity to fight a UFC vet,” said Witt as he talked about fighting Vallie-Flagg. “That is something I need to make a huge step to make in my career. It is kind of a no-brainer of what I need to do. He is a super nice guy. I did not get a chance to follow his career too much when he was in the UFC and Strikeforce. I know of him, but not a lot about it. I do know he is a tough guy and he is durable. He has never been finished by strikes. It is one of those fights I need to make my career go up. I know it is not going to be easy.”

The fight may not be easy, but the fight will be on UFC Fight Pass. Titan FC agreed to a deal with UFC Fight Pass and Titan FC 34 will be Titan’s first fight on Fight Pass. Witt talked about the deal between Titan FC and UFC Fight Pass.

“It is a great opportunity for everybody,” Witt said. “It is one of those things that is going to give access to more organizations. I was pretty excited about it. It is really going to help me out in terms of getting my name out there. Vallie-Flagg has fought in the UFC and people know who he is. To a lot of people, I do not have a huge name so that is going to help get my name more access and more recognition like I need. It is a huge opportunity for me.”

You can watch Jason “The Vanilla Gorilla” Witt take on Isaac Vallie-Flagg on July 18, at Titan FC 34 on UFC Fight Pass.

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