For Mike Bruno, MMA is something that he does not have to look far to find. His brother, Steve Bruno, is a former UFC fighter and currently an instructor at American Top Team. Bruno talked about his brother and the influence he has had on his career.

“He is pretty much like my MMA father and like an MMA brother,” Bruno told The MMA Corner. “It is awesome having a brother that is like a striking coach on one of the worlds biggest teams. We also got to see all the fights on The Ultimate Fighter and got to share those experiences. At times, family and business suck. You know, when you’re mad at him, and then he has to hold mits for you [laughs]. Sometimes that can be rough. But yeah, I owe him everything. He flew me out to California when I was in the 9th and 11th grade to trade with Alliance and San Diego Fight Club. He is helping me get to the promise land since he was there already.”

And by promise land, Bruno means the UFC. Bruno’s main goal is making it to the UFC and he is working hard to get there. Bruno talked about those aspirations to make it to the UFC.

“Everyone wants to know why they are put on this planet,” Bruno said. “I have had so much down time in-between fights that I ask myself, ‘if I could be doing anything right now what would I want to be doing?’ I would always want to be training to fight. I love this sport and there is nothing I would rather do. I see a lot of people leaving this sport because of the money because it is such a sacrifice, but you do what you want to do. God gave you free will and my free will is that I am at American Top Team every week since I was eighteen years old trying to be the best in the world.”

Bruno talked about trying to be the best in the world training at American Top Team. He also talked about his time at American Top Team and shared some interesting stories about his time there.

“I have been an MMA fan and when I first got there [ATT], Robbie Lawler had this pretty awesome war with Aaron Riley and Riley was on the team so I was star struck,” said Bruno. “Once they [ATT] saw how great my takedowns were, for the last ten years, I was pulled from my practice or had to stay after practice to help shoot on guys. Through the years, [Thiago] Pitbull Alves’s run to GSP; I had to shoot on him a lot for that. Mike Brown beating Uriah Faber twice to become a champion of WEC, I trained a lot with him for those fights. Even Gesias Cavalcante when he had his K-1 Hero’s run and was killing everyone in Japan. I have been a part of a decade worth of world championship camps and it is my time now.”

Bruno’s next fight is on July 18 at Titan FC 34. Bruno will be taking on former RFA and Bellator fighter Dakota Cochrane. Bruno talked about his upcoming fight against Cochrane.

“He is a tough guy,” said Bruno. “He was on the Ultimate Fighter and he has a lot of fights, but he is going down in this one. It is my time to shine. I have been training very hard. The fight is at 165, so I know he wont be training super hard. When you get that ten pounds, it makes you relax a little bit.”

The fight will be on UFC Fight Pass since recently Titan FC agreed to a deal with them for their broadcasting rights. Bruno talked about the UFC Fight Pass deal and his emotions when he heard about the deal.

“That is a dream come true,” explained Bruno about the UFC Fight Pass deal. “I have been training for the UFC for so long and to make money as a fighter. I have been watching guys that I think I could beat, but they are making money before me, which is hard. It is all in Gods hands though. Titan got hooked up with the UFC and it was just meant to be for me. This is my stage where I have to shine to get to the UFC. Every fight is another audition for your next appearance.”

Bruno’s next audition is on July 18, 2015, at Titan FC 34 on UFC Fight Pass.

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