Titan FC agreed to a long-term deal with UFC Fight Pass, which allows fans to watch Titan FC fights exclusively on UFC Fight Pass. The first fight of this deal, Titan FC 34, is on Saturday, July 18, and will feature a card for the ages.

The main event is two UFC vets, Pat Healy and Mike Ricci, who will be going to war for the Titan FC lightweight title. There are three other title fights on the card: Kurt Holobaugh vs. Andre Harrison for the featherweight title, Brett Johns vs. Anthony Gutierrez for the bantamweight title, and Tim Elliot vs. Iliarde Santos for the flyweight title.

Titan FC is pulling out everything they have for Titan FC 34 and for good reason. This is the first fight on their UFC Fight Pass deal and this card will surely bring significant attention to Titan FC. Not only are there four title fights, the rest of the card is filled with strong bouts as well.

Titan FC 34 is certainly going to be a great night and here is what to watch for:


All of the fighters fighting on this card know that the UFC will be watching along will other UFC Fight Pass subscribers. Many of the fighters who spoke to The MMA Corner talked about how they were ready to put on a show and that every fight on this card is a war. The energy the fighters will have, knowing they are on UFC Fight Pass, will make sure that fans are not disappointed.

UFC Fighters Fighting in Titan FC:

Whether it is former UFC fighters or legitimate UFC prospects, Titan FC 34 is filled with fighters who will be in the UFC once again or for the first time. Pat Healy, Mike Ricci, Kurt Holobaugh, Tim Elliot, Iliarde Santos, and Issac Vallie-Flag are all former UFC veterans. All of these fighters have the chance to show they deserve to make it back to the UFC. There are also some legitimate prospects that will be looking to show they deserve the call to the UFC. Andre Harrison, Brett Johns, Anthony Gutierrez, Desmond Green, and Phil Hawes are all legitimate prospects looking to make a statement on Saturday night.

Title Fights and More Title Fights:

There are four title fights on this card. There is nothing better than a title fight because both fighters are working and pushing that much harder to either remain champion or become champion. Having four title fights on one card is something that will almost promise some great action.

  • Healy vs. Ricci: Titan FC lightweight title
  • Holobaugh vs. Harrison: Titan FC featherweight title
  • Johns vs. Gutierrez: Titan FC bantamweight title
  • Elliot vs. Santos: Titan FC flyweight title.

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