Titan FC bantamweight champion Brett Johns will look to defend his belt on Saturday, July 18, at Titan FC 34. He beat Walel Watson on March 20, 2015, to win the belt at Titan FC 33. He will be taking on Anthony Gutierrez for the belt and will be looking to defend his belt for the very first time in Titan FC. Johns talked about fighting Gutierrez.

“Gutierrez is a very dangerous striker,” Johns told The MMA Corner. “The kid has never gone to a decision as a pro, you know, so as you can see he gets the finish. He likes to get the stoppage and his last fight was a ‘sleep tight’ head kick. He is not a guy that is only dangerous on his feet as well because he has a lot of submission wins as well. He is a dangerous fighter to take. At first I did not think he deserved the title fight, but when Titan asked we said yes. Looking back at the guys he his career and the guys he has fought, yeah, maybe he does deserve the title fight in Titan FC. Well, I am happy to oblige.”

Gutierrez is a very confident fighter, inside and outside of the cage, and will be looking to become the Titan FC bantamweight champion. There has been some trash talk leading up to the fight and before it. Johns talked about Gutierrez and the trash talk leading up to Titan FC 34.

“I genuinely believe that he will be the champion in Titan FC at this weight one day,” said Johns about Gutierrez. “But not while I hold the belt. Not while I am in Titan FC. Maybe when I make the jump to the UFC, but not now. In my career, I am very strong at the minute. Mentally and physically, I am very strong. He has been trash talking a little bit, but it does not faze me. I have had people trash talk me in the past and they have said a lot more personal things that Gutierrez. He will be a worthy opponent and we are both young for the sport. I am very mature when it comes to fighting and MMA. His style is very good, I am not taking away from his style, but I feel like my style is stronger.”

Johns will get to show the world if his style is stronger when he fights Gutierrez at Titan FC 34 on July 18. The fight itself will be on UFC Fight Pass since Titan FC recently agreed to a deal with them. Johns talked about fighting on UFC Fight Pass and the deal itself.

“It is a massive leap for Titan,” said Johns. “To be on Fight Pass is just amazing. It opens up the audience for the fighters. You have the diehard UFC fans that pay their monthly membership to watch the fights and now they have extra fights to watch. This is what we need as fighters, especially fighters wanting to make it to the UFC. You want fans talking about you. When Fight Pass is on for my fight UFC Glasgow is on too. My goal is for people to not say, ‘did you watch UFC Glasgow last night?’ I want them to say, ‘did you see that Brett Johns guy from Titan FC on UFC Fight Pass?” I have a tough fight though, so to do that, it is going to take a lot of skill and effort. I am confident though because my skill level is really high at the minute. I want to get the UFC Fight Pass guys watching me and start hyping me up for the big time [UFC].”

Johns is not far off when he talks about the “big time.” Johns is one of the better prospects outside of the UFC and with a win over Gutierrez, Johns could be looking at a UFC contract shortly after. Johns talked about getting the UFC call if he gets a victory over Gutierrez.

“To be honest it is a call that Dana White has got to make, but also, it is a call for Jeff Aronson and Lex McMahon,” said Johns. “I am a supportive guy. I am very thankful for the opportunity that Titan has given me. I am happy to go everywhere for Titan because I get well looked after. Titan is amazing. It was really good to come over here [America] and get treated like I did. I got treated like a king. I am really thankful for Jeff and Lex for taking that leap with me. But yes, my dream is the UFC. I will go when they call. If the UFC calls after this fight then so be it. If they do not call for one hundred more fights then so be it. I am looked after where I am [Titan FC]. I am twenty-three years old and I understand it takes a lot of sacrifice to get where I am and when you get to the UFC you have to sacrifice more. They [the UFC] have a Dublin card in October and that sounds appealing. It is not far from my home and I could take a couple guys with me for that. The UFC could make some money of me for tickets for that one.”

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