Zak Bucia, who has a professional record of 13-6, will be fighting at Titan FC 34 on July 18. Bucia talked about his career so far.

“My career has been long trying to get to a good situation where I am getting a good opportunity, but it has been a blast,” Bucia told The MMA Corner. “I went pro in 2007 and have been at it for a while now. I have been grinding away and I am excited about this opportunity I have coming up.”

The opportunity that is coming up for Bucia is one that many will call one of kind as he gets to face off against Jose “Pele” Landi-Johns, who is a legend in the sport to many. Bucia talked about his opportunity to fight a legend at Titan FC 34.

“I am fighting a guy that is basically a legend in the sport on kind of short notice, but I am really excited for it,” Bucia said. “I did not take very much damage in my last fight and I am still in good shape. I am ready to rock.”

He did not take very much damage in his last fight because he won in the first round by way of knockout over Robert Washington at Shamrock Productions – Charged on May 29, 2015. Bucia talked about his KO victory over Washington.

“I just felt really great going in there,” said Bucia. “I feel like I am kind of peeking as a fighter now. I have had a long career and there have been a few bumps, but on the road I have learned a lot. I just felt like I could control the fight the whole time and it worked out for me.”

Bucia has a good relationship with Shamrock Productions, as his last three fights have been with the promotion, but he decided to sign with Titan FC to fight “Pele.”

“It was just something [his team] we had to mull over,” said Bucia. “I have a relationship with Shamrock FC, but I talked it over with my striking coach. This came up last minute. We kind of mulled it over whether we were going to take it and ultimately we just did not want to miss this opportunity. It is such a great fight and we really wanted to do it; so we went with it.”

It is a big opportunity because the fight will be on UFC Fight Pass since Titan FC recently agreed to a deal with Fight Pass to broadcast their fights. Bucia talked about the opportunity to fight on UFC Fight Pass at Titan FC 34.

“It is just great for my career,” said Bucia as he talked about his fight on UFC Fight Pass. “It has been a long road trying to make it in this sport. This is a really big opportunity. The other opportunity was earlier in my career to fight on the undercard of Strikeforce. That was a big opportunity, but maybe I was not quiet ready for that one. So now I am kind of feeling like this is my second chance because I feel I am peaking as a fighter. This could not come at a better time.”

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