Frank Mir proved at UFC Fight Night 71 that he is, believe it or not, once again a threat in the heavyweight division, perhaps a greater threat than most of the other top-10 fighters.

There are some potentially big fights out there for Mir amongst other contenders. The buzz after his hellacious KO of Todd Duffee in San Diego was that Mir might next face another surging contender in Ben Rothwell.

But there’s a better, and substantially bigger, fight out there for Mir.

Frank Mir should be the opponent if (granted it’s a big if) Fedor Emelianenko comes out of retirement.

Obviously, there’s a lot of contractual haggling to come should “The Last Emperor” decide to make his return and choose the UFC over some other organization. But if does finally become part of the UFC picture, Emelianenko vs. Mir is a perfect fight.

Both nearly faded completely into oblivion.

Mir had lost four straight and looked absolutely finished before suddenly rebounding to stun Bigfoot Silva and now send Duffee splashing face-first onto the canvas. Emelianenko, thought back then to be indestructible, was stunningly stopped in three straight outings including back-to-back knockouts from Bigfoot and Dan Henderson. He then got his act back on track to win three straight though he’s been settled into the backwoods of Russia for the past three years.

If the itch to fight is back with Emelianenko and he really wants to do it right, Mir makes total sense. Both have power in the stand-up games – Emelianenko last showing that kind of prowess in whacking Andrei Arlovski and onetime serious contender Brett Rogers.

Both have spectacular submission skills as well – Emelianenko’s sambo against Mir’s jiu-jitsu.

Both have dominated organizations. Emelianenko ruled Pride, Affliction and Strikeforce. Mir is a two-time UFC champ and holds most of the league’s heavyweight division records.

Many pundits and fans will suggest that Emelianenko’s comeback fight should be against Randy Couture – a dream fight that never materialized when both were unstoppable forces. An Emelianenko/Couture fight in 2015 would be Bellator’s fantasy come true. Another battle best-suited for years ago but something they’d die to have to attract ratings. It’s the biggest tent-pole event of all-time yet has whiffs of Shamrock/Slice and Ortiz/Bonnar.

Mir and Emelianenko is a real fight.

Emelianenko the stoic, almost silent, feared and revered, virtually mythical warrior coming out of the clouds.

Mir, the fan favorite, coming back from garbage heap not once but twice to again amaze and wreak havoc with skills beyond most competitors’ depth.

Emelianenko can’t sell a fight with words but his aura is more than enough.

Mir’s cuts a promo that makes you believe everything he says. And he’s proven able to back it up.

It’s a fight that will draw fans and make millions.

Now only if it could happen …

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Scott Zerr
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Scott joins The MMA Corner having spent the last 14 years in mixed martial arts as Director of Media & Fighter Relations for the Maximum Fighting Championship. He will provide The MMA Corner with insight on breaking news in the sport, plus an insider's perspective on business developments, matchmaking, fighter signings, and much more. In addition to his longtime work in MMA, Scott was a sports reporter before moving into media relations and marketing. After growing up and working in Edmonton, Alberta, Scott has since moved to Bakersfield, California to be with his wife Christina (an avid fight fan, thank goodness) and kids.

  • Christopher Flores

    Personally, even though Couture is my fav fighter (strangely enough, just a back-hair above Mir), I think Emelianenko SHOULD sign a 1 fight contract with Bellator to fight Couture and if he wins (and Mir wins HIS next fight), pit them against each other in a UFC main event for the #1 contender spot.

    At that point, it’d be justifiable to give either of them a shot at the title.