After taking a year off from fighting, headliner Alan “The Rebel” Arzeno is excited to return to the ring for the second time for Mixed Striking Championship (MSC) 2 that will stream live on courtesy of, from Miami, Fla.

“I didn’t take a year off,” Arzeno corrects. “No one wanted to fight me. I’m a tough guy to fight. I know that for a fact because I spent all last year trying to get a fight and no one would. I didn’t fight at all last year because I couldn’t get a fight.”

Just before the dry spell, Arzeno was featured on the Combate Americas reality show on NBC Universo. He fought his way to the season finale where he beat famed YouTube bare knuckle brawler turned unbeaten MMA star Rene ‘Level’ Martinez, often referred to as the “Hispanic Kimbo Slice” because of the Cuban American’s massive following that was spawned in similar fashion to that of Kimbo.

Arzeno isn’t certain why no one wanted to fight him for one whole year, but he speculates, “Everyone saw my dominating win over Martinez. After that, I couldn’t find a fight.”

“Level was undefeated and I was dominating,” Arzeno remembers. “He didn’t land almost anything. I hit him with a roundhouse. He went down. Then I pounded him out. It was pretty dominating.” It was Level’s first career loss.

“To me it was nothing out of the ordinary,” he continues, “I fight mostly undefeated fighters, except for this Saturday at the MSC 2.”

This Saturday, Arzeno goes up against Johnavan “The Immortal Warrior” Visante, another MMA veteran who will don the patented “Evo” glove created by MSC promoter and founder Wayne Bermudez, who also created the unique rule set for MSC competition that allows kicks, punches, elbow strikes and knee strikes, and does not permit the ground fighting embraced by MMA.

“I don’t know much about him. I know he got knocked out in one of the striking shows and I saw him get choked out in a fight I was at,” Arzeno recalls. “He was saying on Twitter he was going to ‘break me.’ He posted it on Twitter that he’s been training really hard. Blah, blah, blah, and going to break me.” Then, he laughs and says, “No one has done that yet, so I want to see him try.”

Arzeno cannot wait for the moment he steps into the ring, describing how “the adrenaline that I get from it – that’s the moment I live for.”

For Arzeno, fighting is for fun. According to him, the moment it becomes a job, it’s time to give it up. Besides, Arzeno’s already mapping his future for life after fighting. “I honestly don’t have a long term goal in MMA. I just like fighting. My goal is to just keep fighting and enjoying it. When my career is over I want to expand my business. I own a mixed martial arts school and I like to teach people what I know.”

The most important thing he teaches? “To be humble,” he asserted. “I teach the kids I train that you gotta accept defeat when you’re defeated. I‘ve been defeated before and I’ve always said it’s because they were better than me that day. Just get back in the gym and train for the next time you step into the cage.”