They may not be the most graceful fighters or the most technical but heavyweights are always entertaining. It’s just fun watching two Goliaths throw heavy leather; each punch or kick thrown can end the fight.

On Saturday, August 1, 2015, two of the UFC’s biggest heavy hitters will square off in the Octagon at UFC 190. Both coming in at 6’4” and tipping the scales at every bit of the 265 pound maximum, Soa Palelei and Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva are going to put on a show for the fans in Rio de Janeiro’s HSBC Arena.

It’s been tough going for Silva as of late. The big man is winless in his last four outings going 0-3 with 1 No Contest and he has been knocked out in all three losses. The No Contest was actually a pretty good showing against vicious striker Mark Hunt that original ended in a draw. That draw was later overturned because Silva tested positive for elevated testosterone.

Palelei on the other hand is coming off of an impressive TKO victory over Walt Harris in his last outing and the Australian is 4-1 in the UFC with all of his wins coming by knockout. This is a huge opportunity for Palelei to pick up a quality win over a name opponent.

But with is back against the wall and fighting in front of his Brazilian countrymen, Silva has more than enough motivation heading into this fight. He also has all of the tools needed to get back on track.

Utilize the Clinch

Silva and Palelei can both swing for the fences with the best of them, but Silva can’t really afford to stand in the pocket. After being knocked out three times in his last four and six times over the course of his career, Silva needs really close the distance and utilize his superior clinch game. From the clinch, Silva can attack with knees, elbow and short punches.

Take the Fight to the Ground

Even though Palelei is known for his knockout power, he also has a pretty impressive grappling pedigree. A former wrestler and BJJ black belt, Palelei can hold his own in grappling exchanges. But as good as Palelei is, Silva should have an advantage on the ground. Also, by putting Palelei on the ground, Silva can neutralize his punching power. Having been submitted twice in his career, Palelei is susceptible on the ground.

Take Some Chances

This may seem counterintuitive given his recent knockout losses, but Silva does need to take some calculated risks against Palelei. He can’t just charge the big Australian and hope for the best, but he can pick his spots. Silva has more than enough power to put Palelei down and he needs to threaten with that power.

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