In the world of MMA, nothing brings fans to their feet quite like a finish. Whether it is a submission or a knockout, techniques that end fights are simply a joy to behold. But fight ending techniques aren’t the only moves that will get the crowd hyped; throws always seem to do the trick.

Any time one fighter is able to send their opponent flying through the air with a well-timed throw, the crowd is sure to go wild. Not only that, but a throw can completely change the complexion and momentum of a fight.

Given the fact that MMA incorporates a myriad of grappling styles, there are numerous techniques fighters can employ, but one of the best also happens to be one of the most basic techniques; the head and arm throw.

Common in wrestling and judo. the head and arm throw is one of the first throws grapplers learn in both styles. But while the technique is basic, it can be extremely effective. Even though it is one of the first throws learned, it can take a grappler years to master the intricacies of the head and arm throw.

One of the best head and arm throw practitioners in the sport today is Olympic bronze medalist and UFC women’s bantamweight champion, Ronda Rousey. Years upon years of technique drilling has made the head and arm throw second nature to Rousey. She can instinctively hit the technique from a multitude of angles and clinch position. And because her technique is so advanced, even skilled grapplers cannot stop it.

Take a closer look at the video above.

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