The UFC may have a dark horse who is rising in the lightweight division. He may not get as much hype as a lot of other fighters, but Johnny Case is making a case to be a top lightweight as he has quietly fought his way to a 3-0 record in the UFC.

Case’s most recent fight was a dominant unanimous decision victory over Francisco Trevino at UFC 188. Case controlled the whole fight and looked to be on his way to his third finish in the UFC until he was caught with an accidental eye poke from Trevino. This forced Case to go utilize his wrestling as he worked his way to an easy 30-27 unanimous decision victory over Trevino. It may not have been how Case would have liked it to be, but a win is a win, and that is exactly what Case got. Case talked about his victory at UFC 188 to get to 3-0 in the UFC and 21-4 in his career.

“Basically, I was out striking Trevino,” Case told The MMA Corner. “I was on my way to finishing the fight with a knockout or a TKO, but I got fouled. I got a finger in the eye so I had to go to my wrestling. I had to take the fight to the ground and control him. I ended up winning the fight that way.”

Case may not have gotten his third straight stoppage in the UFC, but he did show that even if he does not stop the fight; he can still be just as dominant. Case may have quietly moved to 3-0 in the UFC, even though some would argue two stoppages and a dominant decision victory is not quiet, but Case is obviously happy to improve his record; loud or quiet. Case had a pretty straightforward answer on how he felt about being 3-0 in the UFC.

“It feels pretty damn good,” said Case. “It will be a lot better once I get to 4-0.”

Case may be 3-0 in the UFC, but he has yet to crack the top fifteen of the stacked lightweight division. Being unranked, obviously it is harder to know where someone stands in the division, so that makes matchups that much more difficult.

“I do not know exactly where I stand,” said Case. “Definitely not the bottom though so I feel like I could compete with anybody in this division.”

Case has certainly made a case to showcase his skills against a ranked lightweight, but nothing has officially been scheduled yet for his next fight. Case has said on Twitter that his next fight will take place on November 7 in Brazil, but again, nothing has been confirmed yet. Case talked about who his opponent could be for his next fight.

“I do not really have any names,” said Case. “I do not have any beef or anything. I would like to fight a jiu-jitsu style fighter though because I matchup well with a jiu-jitsu style of fighter. Basically just anybody that is ready to go.”

Whoever Case is fighting, he will be looking to improve to 4-0 in the UFC. At 4-0, Case would start to cement that he is a legitimate fighter in the lightweight division and would definitely get a top fifteen ranked opponent. Case has been quietly climbing up as a lightweight, but Case has one goal in the sport of MMA and in the UFC; it is not a quiet one.

“I want to be the champion someday.” Case said. “I’m willing to put in the work.”


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