Shamrock FC CEO, Jesse Finney, entered the MMA world at the bottom, and then climbed to where he is today.

Whether it was from training fighters, to fighting himself, Finney has easily become one of the most interesting stories in MMA.

“The path started when I was nine years old,” Finney told The MMA Corner. “My stepfather was Robert Biggs and he fought Bill Wallace in Bill’s retirement fight. I started kickboxing after that. I got into kickboxing and was training MMA guys. They wanted me to hold pads for them and spar with them. They basically told me I had to get into MMA, but I thought they were crazy. I started to fight as an amateur and I fought like five or six fights. Then I got into the pro ranks. I did that for a while and I was a decent athlete. I did not want to be sitting there one day wishing I gave MMA a shot. I started fighting some decent guys and got picked up by Strikeforce at like 33 years old. That was it man, I fought for them twice and was trying to step it up each time, but the UFC acquired Strikeforce. The UFC wanted nothing to do with me because I was old. I went on to fight Josh Neer and then basically that was it. I couldn’t be fighting in the big leagues while running a gym, train fighters, and promoting fights. The last person who ever got attention was myself. I decided that it was time for me to be done and since then I have been promoting fights.”

As a professional fighter, Finney was 6-1, with two wins in Strikeforce. His last fight of his career was a loss to UFC veteran Josh Neer and then, Like Finney said, he started to promote fights. Finney found himself making it in the MMA world as a fighter, but maybe even better as a promoter. He is now currently the CEO of Shamrock FC. Finney talked about what it means to be the CEO of Shamrock FC.

“Man, it means everything to me,” said Finney. “Honestly, it is one of those things that I feel like everyday I am living a dream. I get to train and live in the sport. We are very creative with our fights. We try to make it a whole experience. We do a real upscale event and do it right. We just keep trying to produce stars, but we also do it for the fans. We wants fans to walk away thinking Shamrock FC was an awesome experience.”

Finney explained how Shamrock FC is trying to produce stars, but also, that the fans are very important as well. I asked Finney, who is great at promoting fights, to explain to fans and myself why we should all tune in to Shamrock FC to watch their fights.

“You know, I feel like our production value is top notch,” said Finney. “I really feel like we put on extremely intriguing matchups. We do not try to do the old school way of putting the grapple against the striker. We put two really good grapplers against each other and see who the better grappler is. We put two strikers together. We just try to get the most intriguing matchup. I feel like matchups mean everything to the fans and the fighters.”

Shamrock FC has been putting on great shows and making sure their matchups’ are intriguing. They have been growing and getting bigger, but Finney has a goal for Shamrock FC and he plans to get them there.

“I really want people to look at Shamrock and say, ‘If Shamrock is my city, I am going to go to that event because I know they are going to put a hell of a show on,’ said Finney. “It is not just about the fights. Yes, our fights are going to be exciting, but I feel like we put on a great experience as well. You are not going to have dead time because we keep the fights rolling. There is never a dull moment and I guarantee we have the most kickass after party. I mean that. Shamrock events are fun, and if you can, try to make it to an event.

“Just give us a shot,” Finney said. “You will leave the event saying, ‘that was fun.'”

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