At 15-1, Myles Jury is a scary matchup for anyone in the lightweight division, but after his recent news that he will be moving to the featherweight division; he is a nightmare for anyone at 145 pounds.

After his most recent fight, a three round fight that he lost by unanimous decision to Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone, Jury had a lot to think about in the first defeat of his professional career. The loss would be a deciding factor in Jury dropping down from his eighth ranked position in the lightweight division to the featherweight division. Jury talked about his loss to Cerrone and his decision to drop down to the featherweight division.

“Coming back after my first loss, I just learned that I need to focus more on my training,” Jury told The MMA Corner. “I needed to adjust some things. One thing that I learned was that I could go three five-minute rounds with one of the top guys in the world. Coming back after the fight, I was looking at what went wrong, and I noticed that Cerrone looked much bigger. I wanted to get leaner because I felt like my muscle composition was not high. I went and got a body fat test done and was at 16% body fat. I got on a diet and the weight started falling off. I am walking around under 170 pounds right now and it doesn’t make sense trying to win the world title as the smaller guy. I want every advantage as I can, so 145 was a good choice for me.”

Jury has made the decision to drop down to the featherweight division, but he also changed another very important aspect of his career. Jury decided to change camps and go from Alliance MMA and move to Power MMA. Power MMA is known for being led by Aaron Simpson, but other big name fighters such as Ryan Bader and C.B. Dollaway train there as well. Along with Jury, his teammates Johnny Case, Michael Chandler, and Justin Lawrence from Alliance MMA made the switch to Power MMA as well. Jury talked about his decision to change his camp to Power MMA.

“The big decision that made me go to Power was that I was looking for more of a hands-on approach with my coaches,” said Jury. “When you lose, it makes you sit back and reflect on what went right and what went wrong. There are a couple of things that I was battling with in my training going into my last couple of fights. I just felt like I needed more attention from coaches and more input because that is the type of athlete I am. I do good with direction and I needed more of that.”

“Power is going very good,” said Jury. “I already have a really good relationship with the coach. The training is good and the team environment is awesome. I had a couple of teammates from Alliance come with me too, so I feel like we found an environment that is best suited for us. I am having more fun right now and getting my spirit back up. I am enjoying what I am doing and that is a big part of this.”

Jury had no hard feelings when he left Alliance MMA to go to Power MMA. Sometimes change is exactly what the doctor ordered and works out for the best. Jury is enjoying his new camp at Power MMA and is looking forward to showcasing that inside the octagon. Jury was scheduled to fight at UFC on Fox 16 against Edson Barboza, but an elbow injury forced him out of the fight. Jury has since recovered from the injury and is looking forward to getting back into the cage. Jury talked about when you will see him back inside the UFC octagon and whom he could be fighting.

“I was talking with my manager the other day and he is working on that right now,” said Jury. “Obviously this first fight is about getting the process of making the weight and getting out there to compete at a different weight. No name has come up yet, but my manager and the UFC are working on the best opportunity for me. I am thinking probably December sometime for my return. December matches up well with my return.”

Jury is ranked eighth in the lightweight division, but is currently not ranked as a featherweight. Jury talked about where he sees himself in the featherweight division.

“You know, I feel like the featherweight division is mine for the taking, man,” said Jury. “I feel like I can make a run for the title and get that belt. Right now I am focusing on getting down to 145 and making the weight.”

The current champions in the featherweight division are Jose Aldo, who is the champion, and Conor McGregor, who is the interim champion. Jury talked about how he would matchup against both of the current champions.

“I feel like I matchup well with anybody, including McGregor and Aldo,” said Jury. “I feel I matchup well with both of those guys and I feel like it is only a matter of time before I get what is mine, and that is that belt.”

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