Mohammad Abed is just getting started in the sport of MMA and he stands at 2-1 in his professional career. Abed is scheduled to fight at Titan FC 35, in his fourth professional fight, on UFC Fight Pass. For Abed, being a professional fighter is not about the fighting, but instead, Abed talked about why he fights for a living.

“To be honest, I hate fighting,” Abed told The MMA Corner. “I do not understand fighting at all, but with that being said, the thought of competition and hand to hand combat is the ultimate thing as being a man. All through history it is like that. Every man throughout history wants to prove that he is the man and what is the best way to prove that you are the top dog other than doing hand to hand combat? The trill of competition is what does it for me, not the fighting.”

Usually for fighters, their families are their biggest support systems. That was not the case for Abed at first, as his family did not support him early in his career. Abed talked about his family being his support system and how a loss actually made his family start to support him.

“My family did not support me until they came to my last amateur fight,” said Abed. “They streamed it online. I was fighting a great wrestler and he just kept taking me down and taking me down. I cracked my ribs and just kept getting taken down. I lost the fight by decision, but I ended up getting a call from my parents and my family members, and they were saying, ‘That guy did not do anything other than lay on you!’ From that moment on I knew they were hooked on to it. They kept saying, ‘you could have beat that guy!’”

That call was definitely something that has helped Abed in his career. Having support of your family while doing anything is important. Abed’s family had to be supportive of his decision to sign with Titan FC. Abed talked about his decision to sing with one of the best promotions outside of the UFC.

“To be honest, this is a huge opportunity,” said Abed. “Pat Healy is one of my training partners and he was telling me that Titan is treating him right now. I felt like Titan FC is the bridge between where I am at to where I want to be. So I felt like Titan FC was the bridge I should be taking.”

Abed’s first step across the Titan FC bridge he speaks of is against Peter Petties at Titan FC 35. Abed will be looking to win his first fight with Titan and more importantly win on UFC Fight Pass. Abed talked about his opponent at Titan FC 35.

“I had no idea who he was until Titan sent me some videos on him,” said Abed. “From the videos I have seen, he seems like a pretty tough guy. He likes to taunt though. Ever since Conor McGregor came out that there is a new surge of people out there. I call them the Nick and Nate Diaz’s because they just try and taunt their fighters while they are in there. I felt like his opponents were intimidated by his taunting. Here at Rose City, we make a joke about fighters like that. We do not get intimidated easily. You can do all the splashy shit, but we are hard-nosed fighters who wont get intimidated by nobody. Taunt me and that will just fuel the fire. That is all it does for me.”

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