Andre Harrison is easily one of the top prospects in MMA and arguably the best featherweight that is not in the UFC.

Harrison stands at 10-0, with his most recent victory coming over Kurt Holobaugh at Titan FC 34 for the featherweight title. The victory was a very one-sided and dominant victory for Harrison as he continued to take Holobaugh down and control the fight. Harrison talked about his featherweight title victory over Kurt Holobaugh at Titan FC 34.

“I think in that fight that we both went in there trying to implement our game plan,” Harrison told The MMA Corner. “And so, when we got in there, we just started swinging, He caught me some clean shots and I caught him with some really hard shots. I think the decision factor in that fight was the wrestling aspect. I was able to take him down and land some quality strikes. I was able to dominate the fight from that aspect. I am not sure how many takedowns I had in the fight, but I believe I got five or six in the first round. I was putting the fight wherever I want it to be.”

Harrison is now set to defend his featherweight title at Titan FC 35 against former Titan FC featherweight champion Desmond Green. Green is arguably one of the best prospects not in the UFC as well and his highlight reel knockout victory at Titan FC 34 highlights that. Green knows that Harrison is known for his dominant wrestling and he saw that when Harrison took on Holobaugh, but Green recently told The MMA Corner, “I would beat him in a wrestling match any day of the week. I am definitely a better wrestler than him.” Harrison responded to Green’s comments and had this to say.

“I mean he could feel whatever way he wants to feel,” laughed Harrison. “If he feels he can beat me in a wrestling match, whether he could or couldn’t that is on him, but we are not going in there for a wrestling match. If you look at it, we both fought Holobaugh. Desmond had two or maybe three takedowns in the whole fight. He fought the whole twenty-five minutes. I had more than that in the first round. A wrestling match does not matter at this time. I do not think he could beat me in a wrestling match anyway. Wrestling may not be the decision factor in this fight anyways.”

Harrison talked about being the better wrestler and we will find out at Titan FC 35. Harrison also talked about how the fight against Green will play out at Titan FC 35.

“This fight is going to end up like the rest of my fights have; I am going to win,” said Harrison. “That is just what it is. I am sure Desmond feels confident in his abilities, but at the end of the day, I am going to het my hand raised at the end of the fight. I can’t tell you exactly how I am going to win, but I can guarantee I am going to win.”

Harrison guaranteed a victory at Titan FC 35 and it would his first title defense. If Harrison does beat Green, his most recent vicoties will be over former UFC veteran Kurt Holobaugh and Bellator veteran Desmond Green. Harrison talked about how it will feel to beat Desmond Green at Titan FC 35.

“It is going to feel great,” said Harrison. “There are a lot tough guys in the featherweight division in Titan and I want to compete with every one of them. Desmond is a top guyin the division. He knocked out a guy in his last fight. Desmond has a good resume. I am only looking to fight tough dudes. I do not want any easy fights on my record, I do not want that.”

Harrison may not want easy fights on his record and if he does win this fight; he may never have that choice again. Many feel that with a win over Desmond Green at Titan FC 35, Harrison will finally get the call from the UFC. However, making it to the UFC is not Harrison’s end goal in this sport. Harrison talked about what his end goal would be.

“Winning the UFC title would be my end goal in this sport,” said Harrison. “I want to get the belt, defend the belt, and then I will be relatively satisfied with everything that I have done.”

Harrison is a very confident person, and for a good reason. He is undefeated and arguably the best featherweight outside of the UFC. Harrison feels that not only he is the best featherweight outside of the UFC, but the best featherweight in the world. When Harrison was asked if he feels if he is the best featherweight in the world, he said, “Yes I do, yes I do.”

Tune in to UFC Fight Pass on Sept. 19, 2015, for Titan FC 35 to watch Andre Harrison defend his featherweight belt against Green.

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