At 8-0, Austin Springer has been improving in every fight. He has won championships in different promotions and is looking to win even more. Springer talked about his career so far in the sport of mixed martial arts.

“I am 8-0 and it has been great,” Springer told The MMA Corner. “I love the step up in competition in each fight. I was able to fight for regional title and was successful in those. I am really looking forward to keep progressing and taking bigger fights because then that is bigger victories.”

Springer talked about taking bigger fights and him signing with Titan FC shows he means it. Titan FC is one of the best promotions outside of the UFC, and for a featherweight, it is arguably the most stacked division in Titan. Springer talked about his decision to sing with Titan FC.

“I had a number of different contracts come my way,” said Springer. “Titan was the best with the UFC Fight Pass deal and the momentum with their last card, Titan FC 34, with all those title fights. There are a couple title fights on Titan FC 35. I just felt, outside of the UFC, Titan was the best choice for me.”

Springer mentioned the UFC and how Titan was the best opportunity for him outside of it. One big reason for that could have been the fact that he is now scheduled to fight UFC veteran Steven Siler at Titan FC 35. Siler is a known name in MMA and has fought a bunch of times in the UFC. Springer talked about fighting Steven Siler at Titan FC 35.

“As soon as Titan mentioned the name, that was the golden ticket,” Springer. “He is a fighter with a name, a former Titan title contender, and he fought in the UFC a bunch of time. It was just about the best fight you could get outside of Sean Shelby calling you.”

Titan FC 35 will be on UFC Fight Pass, Titan’s second fight since their deal with Fight pass. Springer talked about fighting on UFC Fight Pass when he takes on Steven Siler.

“It is going to be fun,” said Springer. “It is going to be a ton of exposure. First and foremost, getting my name, my face, and my fight out to people. I want to build more of an interest or a reputation for people wanting to see me fight better competition. Not to mention that the sponsors love to hear I am on Fight Pass.”

Springer has finished his last four opponents, with three straight TKO’s and one submission. Springer wants fans to gain an interest in him and a great way to do that would be a finish at Titan FC 35 on UFC Fight Pass. Springer talked about if the fight will Siler will be his fifth straight finish.

“I certainly hope so,” said Springer. “I am not going to go out there expecting for it or heavily looking for it. I am absolutely preparing to be in good enough shape to push hard for all three rounds to hunt for a stoppage. I am not going to over exert myself for something that is not there.”

You can watch Austin Springer look for his fifth finish in a row against Steven Siler on UFC Fight Pass at Titan FC 35 on September 19, 2015.

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