Think about when you were younger and you laid in bed dreaming of scoring the game winning touchdown in the Super Bowl or hitting a walk-off homerun in the World Series. Almost everyone that likes sports has had some sort of aspiration to become a professional athlete. For Adam Milstead, he had those same dreams, but he is making them a reality in mixed martial arts.

“I have always dreamed about having a big audience in front of me,” Milstead told The MMA Corner. “Growing up, I always wanted to be considered a professional athlete, and when I got into MMA, it turned out that I was pretty good at it. That dream came true.”

Milstead may not be scoring the game-winning touchdown in the Super Bowl, but he does have the opportunity to make a run in MMA. Milstead may have accomplished his goal of becoming a professional athlete, and that is more than a lot of us can say, but he is no longer satisfied with his achievement.

“I have reached that goal, but for me, now it comes to the sense; how far can I take this,” said Milstead. “Can I make a decent living out of it? Can I get to the big show? It is one of those things that I never like to look in the past. Once I have accomplished that goal, I have set a further one. I want to see how far I can go. Yeah, I am a professional athlete, but what else can I do with that?”

What else can he do with being a professional MMA fighter? Can he make it to the big show?

Those are both great questions, but one person who controls the answers to those questions is Milstead himself. The way to make it to the big show, or UFC, is to win fights. Milstead is currently 5-1 in his professional MMA career, and other than his loss in his professional debut, Milstead has looked phenomenal. In all five of his victories, Milstead has finished his opponent before the end of the second round. Milstead’s most recent victory was a fifty-eight second TKO over Nick Smiley.

Milstead will look to keep his winning streak alive on August 22, 2015, at Gladiators of the Cage 18 against Lewis Rumsey. Milstead talked about his opponent at GOTC 18.

“Lewis Rumsey, for one, his record does not show how tough he is as a fighter,” said Milstead. “The thing I admire about this guy is that he takes fights with anybody. He is a Bellator veteran and he has fought in the CFFC. He has fought some of the top guys and gone the distance with some UFC fighters.”

“What drew me to this fight was that Lewis wanted to fight me,” said Milstead. “It is one of those things that you can’t turn down. When I guy wants to fight you, he just challenged you; he obviously thinks he can beat you. It is one of those things I had to step up to.”

Milstead will take on Rumsey on the twenty-second, but it will be his first time back inside the cage since January 26, 2013. The reason for the long layoff was a knee surgery that Milstead needed to help further his career. Milstead talked about the knee surgery.

“It was wear and tear that I have dealt with through football and MMA,” said Milstead. “It eventually got worn down and it was bothering me. They implanted cells where my cartilage had worn away. That allowed the cartilage to grow back. I had no idea that was even possible. The difficult thing was the recovery process. I could not put weight on it, nor bend it, for seven weeks. That really added a lot of atrophy to my leg. I did about five months of rehab and worked my butt off.”

Milstead will finally make his way back to the cage and he talked about making his return.

“Man, it is good to be back in the cage,” said Milstead. “I do not even care who it is with, it is just good to be back. It has been over a year now since my last fight. I had pretty major surgery on my knee, but with that being said, there is nothing wrong with it anymore. There is that itch to want to be back in there.”

Anyone who does not fight for that long should expect some rust, and Milstead admits there may be some, but he does not seem too worried about the long layoff.

“Yeah, there might be that extra anxiety or extra nervousness,” said Milstead. “I always seem to find a switch. My last fight, I took some time off, and when I got back in; the fight ended in fifty some seconds. I felt good and I feel good. I feel even better for this fight.”

Milstead will obviously be looking to have the same outcome on fight night, and if he does, he will be on a six-fight win streak with six straight finishes.

His goal as a youth child was to become a professional athlete.


His new goal is to make it to the UFC.

“Yeah I want to make it to the UFC, but like I said before, when I reach a goal; I have to find another one,” said Milstead. “I want to get to the UFC and I do not want to stop from there. I want to get to the UFC and keep fighting. The UFC is definitely my next goal.”

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