UFC Fight Night 74 was in Saskatoon Canada, which not many people, including myself, know where that is other than in Canada.

It did not matter where the fight was because the headline fight was amazing.

#5 Max Holloway took on #7 Charles Oliveira in a featherweight war where someone would walk away a title contender. The hype for the fight was high and the excitement leading up to it was great as well, but the fight did not live up to the hype.

It was not one of those fights that you watch and just can’t wait for it to be over but instead; it was a fight that you wish went longer.

If you did not watch the fights, you saw that Max Holloway won by TKO, but the big problem was that Holloway did not land a punch that ended the fight.

Olivier was injured early in the first round, which was later announced that he tore his esophagus [ouch] and that forced him to pretty much concede defeat with the referee stepping in to stop it.

It was a very big let down, but whether we were happy or not, Holloway still go the W in the main event.

UFC Fight Night did not just have the disappointing main event; it had a lot of other action.

This is what we learned from UFC Fight Night 74:

Holloway Is A Star:

The main event was a bummer, a large one at that. That does not change the fact that Holloway still showed that he is a legitimate star in the UFC. Yes, he did not do much inside the cage in the fight because of the injury, but it was what he did after the fight. Holloway used his post-fight interview to talk about how he hopes Oliveira is okay and then call out Frankie Edgar. The UFC needs more stars like Holloway. He talked about his opponent’s health, and showed he cared by checking on him right after he celebrated, and then got the fans excited for a matchup that is not even real…yet.

Laprise Is Not Perfect:

Chad Laprise came into UFC Fight Night 74 with an undefeated record, but left Saskatoon with his first loss. He took on Francisco Trinaldo in a lightweight scrap and found out that, although he was undefeated in the UFC, some fights just go the other way. Laprise got caught with a bomb from Trinaldo early and was stopped in the first round. We found out that Laprise is not perfect, but we need to find out next to how he responds from a loss.

Magny Can Bounce Back:

Neil Magny was absolutely dominated by Demain Maia, a fight in which Magny admitted that Maia humbled him. Magny said he was looking past Maia and thinking of dream matchups and then he got demolished by Maia’s BJJ. Magny then decided to make a quick turnaround and take on Erick Silva twenty-two days later. Magny bounced back in a big way. He won by split decision, which is absolutely insane and the fight should have been a unanimous decision. One judge had him winning the fight 30-27, along with almost everyone watching. It was nice to see Magny bounce back and he did not call anyone out because he said that Maia humbled him up. It will be interesting to see who the UFC puts Magny up against next.

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