Matt “Meathead” Mitrione, (9-3 UFC) who was a contestant from the TUF season 10 and has since then fought his entire fight career in the UFC, is now looking to fight out his contract to see what he is worth.

Apparently, contract negotiations didn’t go so well.

Mitrione explained to his followers on Twitter and why he isn’t booked for a fight since he last fought,and lost to Ben Rothwell June. 6 this year.

Here’s what he had to say:

“Boys, they aren’t booking me for a fight until December. Said I was out of touch and they couldn’t get me even though I was I Twitter chopping it up with the masses. I guess that’s how things go. I’m trying to be a last minute replacement for anyone in the world and fight out this last fight. Hopefully it’s sooner than later. Sorry I lost my last one but things happen. I feel like I’d win that more times than not but the one that counted, I didn’t. Oh well!”

This made people on the forum full of questions and speculations. See for yourself below.


Shinsplint - Fight out the last fight so you can go elsewhere or revise your contract?

Matt Mitrione – “Yep. Exactly that”


R00STER – What is this about the last fight on your contract?

Matt Mitrione – “Yes, I have one fight left on my contract. After I win the next against whomever in the world it is by brutal ko, I’m a free agent. We didn’t agree at all on financial terms so I’m fighting it out”


Matt Mitrione – “They didn’t seem interested in re-signing me and basically said if I didn’t like the initial offer, test the free agent market. As a result, I’m prepared to test the market.”


Mitrione isn’t known to take financial arguments quietly, case in point when he fired his manager at one point back in 2010 at UFC 119. During his post fight win interview with Joe Rogan, after he had won a decision against Joey Beltran and scored the Fight of the Night bonus, Mitrione let loose. He was later interviewed backstage with Ariel Helwani where he explains his statement.

“He (Malki Kawa) did the worst job ever with sponsorships. For a televised fight, he got me five thousand dollars. Five thousand dollars for a televised fight, that is highly unacceptable.”

At that time, Mitrione was young in his career and felt the money his manager got him wasn’t enough. Today, five years later and nine fights more under his belt, he is making  $10,000 on the Reebok sponsorship deal, per fight.

I can’t imagine him being too happy about that.

Stay tuned for the latest and greatest revolving around the life of Matt Mitrione.

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