At 31-15 in his professional mixed martial arts career, Steven Siler has been through it all. Siler has fought in many promotions, but obviously his best was the UFC. In the UFC, Siler started 5-1, and had big wins over Cole Miller and Kurt Holobaugh. After his 5-1 start, Siler went on a three fight losing streak, which led to his release from the UFC. Since his UFC release, Siler lost his first fight, but then has gone on a three-fight win streak. Siler talked about how he is feeling after his forty-sixth professional fight.

“I feel good,” Siler told The MMA Corner. “I feel like I am at a better place now than when I was in the UFC. Now I am actually not so stressed out about fighting as much. I got a real job now as you could say. I am not relying on fighting to make money. That makes fighting fun again. My last three fights, it has helped me relax. I have dominated my last three fights.”

Siler mentioned how fighting was fun again for him. Everyone knows that if you are not having fun you are not really reaching your full potential. For Siler, the money was a big factor in his ability to have fun in the sport. Siler talked more about not having fun fighting before he got a job outside of fighting.

“Well, it was stressful,” said Siler. “It may be a coincidence, but my losing streak happened right when my life got pregnant. I started to be more of a family man than a fighter; not saying that I am not more of a family man now, but the stress hit me. It was my only income so I needed to fight as much as possible to provide for my family. Having a job to make income has done amazing things for me as a fighter.”

Having a job has truly done amazing things for Siler as a fighter. Like I said, he has won three fights in a row, with his most recent victory over Joshua Tyler by way of submission in the first round. Siler talked about his most recent victory.

“It was probably one of my finest fights in quite some time,” said Siler. “It was my first time fighting in front of my hometown crowd in a long time. To be able to finally fight where I do not have to travel was a good time. I was able to relax. I dropped him a few times and then was able to finish him off with the choke. I felt good and felt like my stand-up was crisp.”

One interesting fact about Siler and his most recent fight was that he actually scheduled another fight before he even fought, a fight one month and twelve days after his fight against Tyler, for Titan FC 35. I asked Siler about scheduling the two fights before fighting his first one.

“It is something that helps out with the stress,” said Siler. “I know I already have a fight set up afterword’s and have some more income coming in. This will be my forty-seventh fight and I have never been hurt. Knock on wood that it continues.”

It is pretty astounding that Siler has never been hurt in forty-six professional fights. One would say that he is lucky to have no injuries in that many fights. However, Siler may have had good luck with his injuries, but in his last fight with Titan FC, at Titan FC 32, he was not as lucky. He took on Desmond Green and lost by decision in a five round championship fight. Siler talked about his loss to Green at Titan FC 32.

“This fight kind of gets under my skin a little bit,” said Siler. “Just because Desmond talks so much. He acted all cocky, but all he did was dry hump me for a majority of the fight once knew he would not be able to beat me up. He talked about being able to finish me and stuff, but he landed about two punches in the entire five rounds. He got a belt around his waist for basically holding me.”

Other than his unlucky day in the office against Green, Siler has looked phenomenal inside the cage. With three straight finishes, all coming in the very first round, Siler is on the path to making it back to the UFC. Siler talked about his goal of making it back to the organization that released him in 2014.

“Yeah, yeah, it is definitely my goal to make it back to the UFC,” said Siler. “I talked with the UFC matchmaker a little more than a month ago and he told me to keep doing what I am doing and I will be back. I have three quick stoppages, all in the first round, all by my hands. Even though this last fight was by submission. That happened because I dropped him twice and he wouldn’t get back up. I think I am putting on exciting fights. I need to make the UFC need to sign me back. I hope to be back in the UFC by 2016.”

Siler is scheduled to fight at Titan FC 35, on September 19, 2105, against Austin Springer. Springer, who is 7-0, is a very promising prospect in the sport and a victory would be huge for Siler. If he can get another first round finish, he may be back in the UFC before 2016 comes around. Siler talked about what it would mean to him to make it back to the UFC.

“I think it is going to feel like home,” said Siler. “I feel like I belong there. I have a winning record in the UFC and they cut me. I always feel like I belong there. It will be a relief to finally be back home.”

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