For Titan FC, Titan FC 34 may have been the most important fight card in the history of Titan. Before Titan FC 34 was aired, Titan FC had agreed on a deal with UFC Fight Pass for their broadcasting rights. This allowed Titan and its fighters to branch out to the world instead of just a select audience from their previous deal.

It was a huge deal for Titan, but their fight card they decided to go with for their first fight on UFC Fight Pass was even bigger.

Titan FC 35 was arguably, and in my opinion, the best fight card outside of the UFC this year. Four title fights and twelve fights total headlined the card.

One big player in all of this happening is Titan FC CEO Jeff Aronson. Aronson talked about Titan FC 35 on UFC Fight Pass and what it meant for Titan FC.

“I think that it was an incredibility pivotal point in the company and in the history of Titan forever,” Aronson told The MMA Corner. “I think that was certainly the biggest card we have ever done. We had four title fights and twelve fights in all. We debuted on UFC Fight Pass. The biggest fear I had was not performing up to the expectations I hold for the organization. I can honestly say that the show went off without a hitch. The fights were tremendous. The fan support was absolutely unbelievable. The UFC was trilled with it. I was thrilled with it. The fighters were thrilled with it. With that being said, we are now on to Titan 35 and looking to make a huge statement on that event as well.”

“We were actually trending number two on twitter that night,” said Aronson. “That is incredible and I have never seen that before for Titan. It is just incredibly exciting. We are in every single market with the UFC on Fight Pass. It is awesome and it is really incredible for the athletes and the fans. Those are the true winners of the UFC Fight Pass deal, the athletes and the fans. The fans are getting to see the product all over the world. The athletes are getting to showcase all of their skills in front of the highest executives in the world of MMA. You know, this is one of those situations that make people remember your name. Do what Desmond Green did on Titan FC 34. Go out there and go for it. I think that is what we will see on this card.”

Titan FC 34 was amazing for the fans, but more importantly it was amazing for Titan. They were able to show fight fans the experience you will get while watching their new fight cards on UFC Fight Pass. Fans enjoyed, well I know I did, Titan FC 34 and it had them thinking about what was next for Titan. That is when Titan FC announced Titan FC 35, like Aronson mentioned, also is an amazing fight card that they will be looking to impress fans with as well. Aronson talked about the next Titan card, Titan FC 35.

“I think that this time around things will be even smoother,” said Aronson. “We have just been gelling as an organization. It is one of those things that on paper, it looked like an awesome card. At the end of the day, I the fights do not perform, it does not matter how good it looks on paper. I am hoping for the same thing on the next show.”

This isn’t the first time we spoke with Aronson. Prior to Titan FC 34, he talked about why fans should watch the event and he was spot on with what he said. I asked Aronson once again, why should fans watch Titan FC 35 and he had some very good reasons fans should tune in on September 19, 2015.

“I think Titan FC 34 went just like I said it was going to go,” said Aronson. “It went phenomenally well. It was just a night with great fights. People were on the internet saying if it did not say Titan in front of it and it said Fight Night in front of it; they would not know the difference. That is how good the card was. That is the same exact thing you will see with Titan 35. The main event is just incredible. Pat Healy takes on Rick Hawn. The co-main event has Desmond Green taking on Andre Harrison. They are debatably two of the best 145lb fighters not in the UFC today. This card overall has so many fights with UFC implications to it. I think fans should not want to miss this one!”

You can watch the Titan FC 35 on UFC Fight Pass on Sept. 19, 2015

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