People all over the world are professional mixed martial artists and almost all of them are fighting for different reasons. A lot of fighters fight for the thrill and a lot of fighters fight for the money. For Joaquin Buckley, fighting is all about the money.

“It really is just the money aspect,” Buckley told The MMA Corner. “This is the first thing I have been very talented at. I can do something big in this sport. I want to do something big in this sport.”

Now you may read that and think that Buckley is just another one of the guys in MMA for all the wrong reasons, but Buckley fights for the money, and for good reason.

Buckley had a different life growing up, but he would tell you that the life he lived as a youngster built him up to where he is today. Buckley lost his mother at a young age and was taken in by his grandmother.

His grandmother would prove to be the biggest influence in his life and where Buckley learned to fight, even though it may not have been about being locked in a cage. Buckley talked about his grandmother and the influence she has on his life.

“She is a fighter, man,” said Buckley. “Ever since I was a little kid she was my number one supporter in everything I have done. All her life, she has been grinding. She was a single mother. She raised two daughters, my aunt and my mother. She also raised me. She is a fighter, man. I got my drive from her to keep pushing and to never give up. There are days that I want shut down and give up, but then I get a reflection of my grandmother and what she has been through; if she had given up then I wouldn’t even be here today. That is the god honest truth. I got that fighter mentality from her.”

Buckley certainly got the fighter mentality from his grandmother and has turned that mentality into a 4-0 record in his professional MMA career. Buckley fights for Shamrock Promotions and is scheduled to fight Kyle Kurtz in his next fight. Buckley will be looking to continue to win fights so that he can make as much money as possible to give back to his grandmother. Buckley talked about wanting to make the money to help his grandmother.

“Unfortunately my grandmother is still working,” said Buckley. “She is sixty-five years old and still working like she was when she was twenty. You know, I hate seeing that. Making money will definitely be a blessing to me and her. We will be able to live comfortably. I want her to retire. If I am able to do that, I will probably cry. That is why I work so hard. I do not just do this for me. A lot of guys are selfish and they do it for themselves. I do it for the people who brought me here and sacrificed everything for me. I do this for her. That is the only reason I have been getting these wins; because of her.”

Buckley is certainly someone you should be cheering for. Anyone that is working as hard as Buckley is for someone other than himself is truly unbelievable. Buckley said he would probably cry if he was able to make enough money fighting to help his grandmother retire and also talked about what it would mean to him to be able to do so.

“It would mean everything, man. It would mean the world to me. She has done so much to take in her baby’s baby after my mother passed away. My mother passed away when I was in sixth grade so she became my official legal guardian,” Buckley said. “It would really mean the world to me to give back.

“Honestly though, even if I did give back, it would not amount for anything she has done for me,” Buckley said. “I want to give that effort to give back to my grandmother.”


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