Demetrious Johnson vs. John Dodson 2 may steal all of the hype for UFC 191, but there is another fight on the card that deserves some attention.

#4 Andrei Arlovski takes on #10 Frank Mir in a heavyweight war that fans should be expected to watch. Both fighters have been through a lot in their careers and they will get to both show who will make another run at the title.

Arlovski, who is a former heavyweight champion, is on a three-fight win streak in the UFC and will be looking to show that he is not far away from fighting for another chance at the belt he once had. Arlovski is one of the most dangerous heavyweight strikers in the world and winning 71% of his fights by KO/TKO highlights that. His last two fights have ended by KO/TKO and both have awarded bonuses for him.

He takes on Mir, who also is the former UFC heavyweight champion of the world. Mir is one of the best submission artists in the UFC and is always looking to end the fight when it is on the ground. He has improved his striking tremendously form where it was. This was highlighted by his last two KO/TKO victories in the first round, which both resulted in Performance of the Night bonuses.

Mir will have his hands full with Arlovski, but here are the keys to victory for him.

Do Not Try And Highlight His Improved Striking:

Yes, Mir does have improved striking. No, Mir should not try and show that at UFC 191. Arlovski has some of the best knockout power in all of the UFC and Mir does not want to find out the hard way. We all can agree that Mir’s striking has improved so he should be smart and not try and show us all even more.

Take The Fight To The Ground:

The best way to not get caught with a bomb is to take the fight to the ground. That is exactly what Mir needs to do. He need to take the fight to the ground where he is best. If he can get the fight to the ground he will be one step closer to walking away victorious.

Work His World-Class Submission Skills:

Listen, there is no secret to what Frank Mir brings when the fight is on the ground. Mir needs to take the fight to the ground and then show the world how world-class he is on the ground. If Mir can attempt more than a handful of submission, he is bound to end the fight.

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