When it comes to submissions in MMA, there are generally three categories.

First, you have the tried and true standards; the rear naked choke, the guillotine choke, the arm bar. The standards are the submissions you have seen time and time again. Then, you have the “WOW” techniques; heel hooks, calf slicers, anaconda chokes and Peruvian neckties all fall into this category. “WOW” techniques are the submissions that you only see now and again. Finally, you have the “WTF” techniques; the submissions you never thought were possible. Submissions you may only see once or twice in competition.

On Dec. 31, 2004, at PRIDE Shockwave 2004, Ryo Chonan executed one of the greatest “WTF” submissions in MMA history as he defeated the great Anderson Silva via flying scissor heel hook late in the third round of their bout.

It was a technique that was equal parts shocking and awesome. It was a desperation technique and surprisingly enough it worked. Up until that point in the bout, Silva was having his way with Chonan. But Chonan stayed in the bout and keep searching for a way to be successful.

With his back against the wall Chonan dug deep and threw the MMA equivalent of a Hail Mary. Former UFC heavyweight champion Josh Barnett summed up the reaction to the technique when he told On The Mat’s Dan Faggella, “I just sat there stunned. I flew up out of my seat and went crazy. I lost my mind…it was out of nowhere.”

When a fighter can pull off a technique in a fight that stuns other professional fighters you know you have just witnessed something amazing; a technique for the ages.

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