Leading up to UFC 191 this past weekend, there was a lot of talk about UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson’s inability to connect with the MMA fanbase. Time and time again, cards headlined by Johnson have failed to deliver ideal numbers and judging by the preliminary numbers it looks like UFC 191 will be no different.

As great of a fighter as Johnson is, he simply doesn’t have that “X Factor” that attracts attention. He is a masterful fighter – arguably the best pound-for-pound fighter in the sport today – but no one seems to care. But while Johnson’s drawing power is almost non-existent, the UFC roster is filled with intriguing and entertaining fighters.

While some weight classes have more star power than others, there is at least one “Must See” fighter in every UFC weight class.

Women’s Strawweight

The women’s strawweight division is still a very new division for the UFC. But even though the division is in its infancy it is clear it has the potential to become an intriguing division. With exciting young talent like Claudia Gadelha, Rose Namajunas, Tecia Torres and Paige VanZant the division has an extremely bright and competitive future. But when it comes to pure entertainment value champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk is the fighter everyone should be tuning in to see.

Women’s Bantamweight

When it comes to pure star power, few can compete with UFC women’s bantamweight champion in Ronda Rousey; when she fights, fans tune in. Between her utter dominance in the Octagon and her charisma, Rousey is a fighter you simply can’t take your eyes off of.


As a whole, the UFC’s flyweight division has failed to resonate with the fans. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t exciting fighters in the division; it just means that they aren’t appreciated. Division champion Johnson is a technical master but his fights just aren’t as exciting as they could be. The most entertaining flyweight fighter to watch is Kyoji Horiguchi; a dynamic striker with real knockout power.


Much like the flyweight division, the UFC’s bantamweight division hasn’t really captured the imagination of the fan base. But there is one fighter who has long been an iconic figure in the sport’s lighter weight classes and even though he is 36 years old, he continues to put on entertaining fights for the fans. The lighter weight classes wouldn’t be where they are today without Urijah Faber’s star power coupled with his entertaining style. Even though Faber is at the twilight of his career, he is still a fighter fans get excited to watch.


Outside of Rousey, no one on the UFC’s current active roster is more entertaining that interim champion Conor McGregor. Between his brash bravado outside of the cage and his dynamic performances inside, McGregor has become one of the biggest stars the UFC has ever seen.


The lightweight division is easily the UFC’s deepest, most talent rich division and it is loaded with exciting fighters to choose from. One of the first fighters that comes to mind is Joe Lauzon. With 13 post fight bonus awards and the most lightweight finishes in UFC history, Lauzon is very entertaining; he’s just not the most entertaining fighter in the division. That honor belongs to Donald Cerrone who – between the UFC and WEC – has taken home 15 post fight bonuses.


Similar to lightweight, the welterweight division is one of the UFC’s best in terms of talent and depth. It’s also home to an incredible number of entertaining fighters, but none more so than champion Robbie Lawler. Unlike most other fighters mentioned on this list, Lawler is entertaining in the cage only; he doesn’t have the bravado of a McGregor or the charisma of a Rousey. Lawler just steps into the cage and goes to war unlike anyone in the sport today.


A few years ago, the UFC’s middleweight division was Anderson Silva and everyone else, now it’s one of the most intriguing divisions in all of MMA. The division is filled with some of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the sport today, but when it comes to pure entertainment value #1 contender, Luke Rockhold is at the top of the heap. Rockhold’s personality polarizes the fans and his performances in the Octagon have turned him into one of the sport’s biggest stars in waiting. If Rockhold can capture the title at a sure to be historic UFC 194 he could easily become the sport’s next superstar.

Light Heavyweight

Once the UFC’s premier weight class the light heavyweight division has become somewhat mediocre. The talent at the top of the division is excellent, but the depth is no longer there. With the suspension of long-time champion, Jon Jones, due to legal troubles, the division has become even more stagnant. Newly crowned champion Daniel Cormier is easy to cheer for and get behind but his fights aren’t always exciting. In terms of light heavyweight entertainment no one is more entertaining that Anthony Johnson. Say what you will about how he handles himself outside of the Octagon, when Johnson steps into the cage, you don’t even want to blink.


Even though the heavyweight division is one of the weakest divisions – depth wise – in all of MMA, there is an aura that surrounds heavyweight fights. Just knowing that at any given moment either fighter can knock the other utt adds a level of excitement. But even where there always seems to be electricity some fighters stand above the rest; Mark Hunt is that fighter. Between his history in Pride and K-1, his quiet swagger and his ability to execute the walk away knockout, Hunt is the epitome of entertainment in the heavyweight division.

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