Becky Gullet may have other goals in life, but her biggest may be setting a good example for her children. Gullet, who is a professional MMA fighter, has two children and she wants them to see what she is doing in MMA as a life lesson. Gullet talked about her two children and what she is trying to show them through MMA.

“I have two little ones,” Gullet told The MMA Corner. “I have a boy and a girl. I am trying to teach them that even when the road gets hard you do not take the easy route. There are several reasons in my life I could have quit MMA, but I am hoping that both of them will see that no matter how hard it gets; mom keeps going and this is the way we should live.”

Gullet’s children are her main priority, even behind MMA. Gullet has a busy day, but she would tell you that the best part of her day is spent with her two children. Gullet talked more about her children that she prioritizes over anything.

“They are the most important,” said Gullet. “I spend my life going to work, going to the gym, and spending time with my kids. All of my down time is spent with them. They are major motivation for me.”

Her children must be good motivation because Gullet is currently 4-1, with all four of her victories coming by way of TKO. In her last fight, Gullet TKO’d Taylor Turner late in the second round. Gullet talked about her last fight.

“My last fight was with Taylor Turner,” said Gullet. “She is a fabulous person. I went into the second round with her before I got the TKO in that fight. That was a big win for me. That fight led to my next fight on September 11 and this is a title fight. With this win, whether it be myself or my opponent, it comes with a Bellator contract.”

Gullet will be facing Alice Yauger for the women’s flyweight title at Shamrock FC: Fuel on September 11, 2015. Gullet talked about her opponent and the matchup for the flyweight title and Bellator contract.

“I know that she was a pro boxer and switched over to MMA,” said Gullet. “I know she will be tough. I am looking at everything. I want to be known for everything and not just stand-up. I do not think everybody realizes what I can do on the ground. I go where the fight takes me. I want to dictate where that is. She is going to be a tough opponent. There is no doubt about it.”

The winner of the fight will walk away a champion and with a Bellator contract. It is going to be a very good fight and there is a ton of pressure leading up to it. Gullet talked more about the Bellator contract she could receive with a win in her next fight and how it would not only change her life, but two other important people in her life.

“Oh, you know, I am really trying hard to take this one fight at a time,” explained Gullet. “Winning this belt and winning a Bellator contract changes my life. It will show my kids that if you stick with it, hard work does eventually pay off. This contract will be life changing for myself and my kids.”

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