On Saturday,  September 12, Invicta Fighting Championship touched down in Kansas City, Mo. to bring Invicta FC 14 live from the Municipal Auditorium.

In the night’s main event, reigning bantamweight champion, Tonya Evinger (16-5 MMA, 4-0 Invicta), was expected to put her belt on the line against undefeated Swedish import, Pannie Kianzad (9-0 MMA, 1-0 Invicta). However, both women missed weight, resulting in the bout being changed to a non-title fight.

Evinger was most recently seen earning her 135-pound belt with a fourth round stoppage of Irene Aldana at Invicta FC 13 in July. This victory extended her win streak to seven straight, including her last four under the Invicta FC banner.

Kianzad, a former Cage Warriors champion,  looked to pick up her second straight win in Invicta FC, having earned a unanimous decision in her promotional debut over Jessica-Rose Clark at Invicta FC 13.

Also appearing on the main card, former strawweight champion Katja Kankaanpää looked to get back into the win column against the undefeated DeAnna Bennett.


Tonya Evinger vs. Pannie Kianzad

The main event begins with an early clinch by Evinger. “Triple Threat” lands a takedown and gains side control, and begins unleash her patented ground-and-pound. Evinger takes Kianzad’s back shortly after and attempts a strong rear naked which Kianzad is able to roll out of. Evinger applies more pressure, with non-stop ground-and-pound, then an armbar attempt which turns out unsuccessful. So Evinger does what she does best for the rest of the round which is more ground-and-pound.

Not even five seconds into the second round, Evinger lands a right hand that drops Kianzad. Evinger takes advantage and unloads more ground-and-pound from top position. Kianzad tries to squirm her way out, but wherever she goes she is greeted by the fists of Evinger. From side control to back mount to side control to full mount, Evinger’s ground-and-pound is unrelenting. “Triple Threat” lets loose from full mount and gets the stoppage, keeping her Invicta record unblemished. Tonya Evinger def. Pannie Kianzad by TKO (punches) Round 2 (3:34)

Katja Kankaanpää vs. DeAnna Bennett

Katja comes out and lands jabs consistently early on. Both fighters exchange 1-2 combinations after Bennett lands a push kick. Kankaanpää lands a right hand and the fighters continue to trade. Katja overcommits to a right hand and Bennett puts the back of “Killer Bunny” up against the fence. Kankaanpää reverses position and escapes and begins to trade punches with Bennett again. Left hands are landing for Katja, while Bennett is consistently landing kicks. Bennett attempts a gullotine after a takedown attempt by Kankaanpää succeeds but did not secure the body, allowing Katja to escape. Kankaanpää takes the back of Bennett shortly after but could not hold position for long. Up against the fence towards the end of the round, Kankaanpää dives for a kimura sweep, rolls Bennett over and both fighters end up clinching to end the round.

Round two begins with both fighters trading punches, with Kankaanpää getting the better of the exchanges due to her left hand. Bennett initiates the clinch against the fence which leads to a takedown by Katja. Bennett responds with another weak gullotine without securing the body, but she’s able to use it this time to stand up. The fighters clinch again and this time Bennett lands a takedown and lands in half guard. Kankaanpää utilizes a great sweep, flipping Bennett over and landing in side control. Both fighters scramble for position which leads to another takedown for “Killer Bunny”. Bennett stands up and attempts a standing guillotine, commits to it and falls to her back. The round ends in Bennett’s half guard guillotine.

Both fighters come out and trade to start the final round. Kankaanpää lands another takedown. Bennett tries to stand up but gets dragged down by Katja. Kankaanpää attempts an arm triangle choke, then a rear naked choke after Bennett gives up her back. Bennett is able to escape to guard, but Kankaanpää quickly passes to side control. Bennett recovers half guard tries to stand up but is then dragged down into another arm triangle and the round ends. The judges did not appreciate the grappling clinic Kankaanpää put on however, and gave the nod to Bennett. DeAnna Bennett def. Katja Kankaanpää by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Roxanne Modafferi vs. Mariana Morais

Both fighters head for the center of the hexagon and exchange strikes to begin round one. Morais landing leg kicks while Modafferi lands jabs. Morais then attempts a spinning attack, but Modafferi catches her halfway through and drags her to the mat. Modafferi acquires full mount quickly and starts punching her Brazilian opponent. Morais stays composed and escapes to half guard. Modafferi tries to take mount again but Morais will not let go of half guard. So Modafferi makes due and starts elbowing Morais’ exposed head. Late in the round Morais lands a sweep and time runs out with Morais in full guard on top.

Round two begins with Modafferi easily winning the striking exchanges. Mainly with a left hand that’s on the money. Morais gets a hold of Roxy and clinches up against the fence. She isn’t safe there however, as Modafferi lands a trip and gets full mount again. Roxy starts throwing heavy leather from the full mount and is going for the finish. Morais rolls to her back and is greeted by ground and pound. Then she rolls back to mount and is greeted by ground and pound. Then she rolls to her back again and is greeted by ground and pound. Somehow, Morais survives round two.

Early on in round three, Roxy gets a clinch up against the fence and attempts a single leg takedown. Morais counters with a tight gullotine that nearly finishes Modafferi. However, the veteran pushed down on the head of Morais and escapes the squeeze. Roxy passes guard and gets into side control. Morais is able to retain half guard shortly after, but Modafferi transitions to mount and unloads with heavy ground and pound. Salvo after salvo lands for “The Happy Warrior” and Big John McCarthy had seen enough. Roxanne Modafferi def. Mariana Morais by TKO (punches) Round 3 (4:40)

Andrea Lee vs. Rachael Ostovich

Lee quickly takes the center and walks down Ostovich. Ostovich tries to clinch “KGB” but eats a few strikes while attempting to do so. For a short period of time all the thrown strikes by either party miss their target. The streak is broken when Ostovich nails Lee with a head kick, and then a superwoman punch off the cage. Ostovich slips to her back shortly after and gets hit by an earth-shattering axe-kick by Lee. Ostovich stands up but is clearly in pain and Lee takes advantage. Landing a body kick followed by a sharp jab Lee knocks down Ostovich and swarms her. Lee takes the back in the process as both fighters did a forward roll. Ostovich is able to escape though and lands a great spinning back fist. “KGB” lands another body kick that drops Ostovich again and jumps in for a rear-naked choke attempt that is deep. Time runs out before Ostovich had to tap, barely surviving round one.

Andrea Lee clearly is targeting the body of Ostovich to start round two, throwing kicks and punches to the mid-section. Ostovich then connects with another beautiful spinning backfist, followed by a nice right hand through the constant pressure of Lee. Lee utilizes a slick body-head combination that rocks Ostovich, then lands a thunderous jab that knocks her opponent down. Again Lee jumps onto the back of Ostovich and starts punching away. After one failed get-up by Ostovich, she eats more ground-and-pound but eventually stands up. Only to be greeted by the knees of “KGB” from a tight muay thai clinch. Ostovich escapes the clinch but is rocked by a head kick. Lee takes the back of the fallen Ostovich and tries to ground-and-pound her way to a stoppage; however, Ostovich is again saved by the bell.

Lee lands a body kick early to kick off round three. Following a few more low kicks, Lee goes high with one but it’s caught by Ostovich and Lee gets taken down. “KGB” sweeps Ostovich from her back, then stands up and immediately starts blasting Ostovich with more knees from the thai plum. Ostovich eats a few knees then drops down for a single-leg takedown and gets it. Lee escapes and then gets a takedown of her own and starts pounding the shoulder of her opponent (as it was the most available target for Lee). Ostovich gives up her back with about ninety seconds remaining and Lee is going for the finish via ground-and-pound. With little time left, Ostovich attempts to stand up, Lee uses this opportunity to secure an armbar forcing Ostovich to tap with just two seconds remaining in the round. Andrea Lee def. Rachael Ostovich by Submission (armbar) Round 3 (4:58)

Megan Anderson vs. Cindy Dandois

Dandois shoots for a takedown right away and gains half guard. She eventually transitions to mount and unleashes ground and pound on Megan Anderson. Anderson turns and gives up her back which Dandois uses to attempt a belly-down armbar. Anderson escapes and gets top position but is not out of danger, as Dandois attempts a triangle choke almost immediately. Dandois rolls Anderson over using the triangle and achieves the mounted triangle position and starts throwing heavy leather at the pinned-down head of Anderson. The ref nearly stops the fight but Anderson is miraculously able to roll Dandois over and stand up. After a failed takedown attempt by Dandois the round ends.

The second round begins with Dandois landing a throw almost immediately. She attempts ground and pound but Anderson pushes Dandois’ hips away. After some lazy striking from Dandois, Anderson lands a huge right hand. Dandois shoots for a takedown in response and ends up on her back in open guard. She attempts a triangle and gets a hold of it. Anderson survives for a while but eventually has to tap. Cindy Dandois def. Megan Anderson by Submission (triangle choke) Round 2 (2:41)


Main Card
Tonya Evinger def. Pannie Kianzad by TKO (punches) Round 2 (3:34)
DeAnna Bennett def. Katja Kankaanpaa by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Roxanne Modafferi def. Mariana Morais by TKO (punches) Round 3 (4:40)
Andrea Lee def. Rachael Ostovich by Submission (armbar) Round 3 (4:58)
Cindy Dandois def. Megan Anderson by Submission (triangle choke) Round 2 (2:41)

Preliminary Card
Sharon Jacobson def. Jamie Moyle by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)
Jinh Yu Frey def. Liz McCarthy by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)
JJ Aldrich def. Rosa Acevedo by KO (knee) Round 1 (2:24)
Aspen Ladd def. Amanda Bobby Cooper by submission (armbar). Round 2 (4:42)
Felicia Spencer def. Rachel Wiley by TKO. Round 1 (3:32)