After the Titan FC 34 card, fans were wondering what Titan FC could do next to match their biggest and best fight card ever. Well, Titan FC may not have matched Titan FC 34, but they certainty have tried.

Titan FC 35 is yet another stacked Titan FC card with the main event featuring Titan FC lightweight champion Pat Healy vs. Rick Hawn for the lightweight title. It also has two other title fights, with one of them arguably being a fight that could also headline the card.

That fight is Titan FC featherweight champion Andre Harrison vs. former Titan FC featherweight champion Desmond Green for the featherweight title. The other title fight is current Titan FC flyweight champion Tim Elliot defending his flyweight title against Felipe Efrain.

As always, because Titan FC may be the best promotion outside of the UFC, there are also UFC veterans and legitimate UFC prospects fighting on this card.

With a card like, Titan FC 35, it is hard to keep up with the most important aspects of the event, but here is a guide of what to watch for at Titan FC 35.

Two Interesting Storylines In The Main Event – Healy vs. Hawn:

Can Healy Defend His Belt Again and Make It Back To The UFC?

Pat Healy is arguably the best fighter who was released by the UFC and trying to make his way back. He has been on a tear since his UFC release and many UFC fighters and media members believe he will be back soon. If he can defend his title once again, he will have a great opportunity to get his call back to the UFC and have another run at it.

Will This Be The Last Time We See Rick Hawn Compete In Combat Sports?

Rick Hawn may only have twenty-four fights in his MMA career, but for the fans who do not know, Rick Hawn had a very long Olympic Judo career. Hawn has been competing in combat sports and in a recent interview with The MMA Corner, Hawn explained the end is near for him. Win or lose, this could be the last time we see Hawn compete in combat sports, so that is something to watch for at Titan FC 35.

Andre Harrison vs. Desmond Green:

I understand the fight is practically in Healy’s backyard, but this is the fight fans have been taking about more. That is no disrespect to Healy vs. Hawn, as that is a great fight, but more about the respect the fans and media are giving to the hype around both Harrison and Green. The are both arguably the best featherweights not in the UFC and what is a better way to show who is the best other than actually fighting each other? This fight is going to steal the show at Titan FC 35 and if they both put on a show, look for them both to get a call to the UFC. Whoever does win this fight is almost guaranteed to get a call up, unless the fight is horrible, which it won’t be. This a a fight that you should watch and you’ll enjoy watching at Titan FC 35.

Who Will Make A Statement?

Titan FC 35 is filled with UFC prospects and fighters who have already fought in the UFC. No matter if they are a UFC prospect or a former UFC veteran, they will all be looking to make a statement. Fighting on UFC Fight Pass helps add the idea of making something happen even more than if the fight were just on TV. Look for one of these fighters to make a huge statement at Titan FC 35 and to do so, make sure you watch the whole event because it is going to be a good one.

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