Usually when you have ten professional mixed martial arts fights, your career mainly consists of fighting regionally and working your way to the top. With a record of 7-2-1, Alex Soto has had a different path than most fighters.

Soto started out 6-0-1 in his professional career and got the early call to the UFC. Soto talked about his expedited career in mixed martial arts.

“It has been a wild ride since I started,” Soto told The MMA Corner. “I have fought all over. I fought in San Diego and other places like Mexico and Japan. After I fought in Japan, the UFC signed me. It has been crazy because I have only had like ten pro fights.”

Soto was signed by the UFC just seven fights into his professional career, but the UFC did not go as planned. Soto went 0-2 and was released quicker than it took him to get there. However, if you dissect Soto’s UFC release, you can see that maybe the UFC rushed him out before they should have.

Soto lost two fights, but lost them to two pretty good fighters in the UFC. Soto has losses to Michael McDonald and Francisco Rivera, but those were not the opponents he was even supposed to face.

“I took a fight on two weeks notice,” said Soto. “This kind of stuff happens in fighting. I took a fight on two weeks notice in the UFC and lost that fight. I did not have a good training camp for that fight. The next fight, I had a good training camp, but my opponent ended up getting injured and then the replacement got injured, and then it was a last week replacement fight. Both of my fights in the UFC were fought without a good game plan and a good training camp. When I was going to fight these two guys, you could tell they were phenomenal athletes. That is whom I expect to fight in the UFC. I expect to fight the best guys there and to challenge myself. They were just unfortunate losses. I was not prepared for both of these fights. I paid the price for it.”

In my opinion, Soto got released a little too soon from the UFC, but that does not mean it is the end for the former UFC fighter. Soto has recently signed with Titan FC, which is arguably the best promotion outside of the UFC.

“My decision came because it is hard to find fights in San Diego,” said Soto. “You want to fight in high level organizations to get back to the UFC and Titan FC provides the eyes for that. They are on UFC Fight Pass. There are some really great competitors. I thought Titan FC is a great spot to throw my name back in there.”

The big reason for getting his name back in there? A return to the UFC after his quick release.

“My goal is to go back in there,” said Soto. “Yeah, that is my goal. My goal is to go back in there and get that win in the UFC, man. That is definitely a goal of mine. It is a chip on my shoulder.”

Who wouldn’t have a chip on their shoulder after they were released from the UFC? Chips make excellent fuel to the fire to make it back. Chasing that goal gives Soto all the motivation he needs.

“Fighting, you know, you have some bad times,” said Soto. “You have your ups and downs, but I am confident on working to get back there. That is my goal and I am going to continue for that goal until I achieve it.”

Soto will start working to get back to the UFC at Titan FC 35 on Sept. 19, 2015 on UFC Fight Pass.

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